Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Novel That Fights Human Trafficking

Blogger, Artist, & Author Barry Irwin Brophy


Help me fund my novel project to fight human trafficking

Thank you for taking the time to review my campaign page. I am a Christian author and blogger named Barry Irwin Brophy inviting you to help combat human trafficking through fiction. The project I am requesting funds for is to publish a novel I have written called A Woman’s Choice that follows the broken life of a rescued human trafficked victim named Katrina originally taken from Albania. Since her captivity, she has fallen into a life of drug addiction and promiscuity leading her to homelessness and a crude job as a bikini barista to fuel her addiction. She discovers she is pregnant and must decide whether to keep or terminate the pregnancy. Her choice in this matter begins a search for the meaning of life and what role Christianity plays in understanding the purpose of life and suffering. Throughout the…

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