News Entry – April 4, 2016

Welcome to the news section of my website. Being the first entry, I figured I would update you on my writing given the long hiatus I took to focus on job skills training. After reviewing my three novels (The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle, A Woman’s Choice, and G.I. Joe: Resurgence) numerous grammatical errors were discovered that must be attended to. Furthermore, because of the financial struggles I’ve endured these past few years, the funds are not currently present to address these problems adequately. These projects have been permanently shelved for copy editing, revision, and possible content changes as a result. I would like to express thanks to the friends and family who’ve purchased copies of my novels (flaws and all).

In regard to donations to human trafficking prevention nonprofits, I will continue to donate to organizations I am familiar with in the greater Seattle region with my own personal funds. If any new royalties are generated from A Woman’s Choice, they will be posted as such on social media with donation information.

Most of my writing will now focus on blogging articles addressing various opinion pieces, human trafficking awareness, and reviewing Christian artists within Washington State and other areas.