Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 57: A Review of Foreverlin’s Album You Remain

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Blog Article 57: A Review of Foreverlin’s Album You Remain

Creating spiritual wakes with their music from Wyoming, Christian indie band Foreverlin released an exclusive worship album in 2017 titled You Remain. It has been on my to-do list for a long time but the holidays have a way of backing up my blogging projects a few months. Nevertheless, the second blog article of 2017 will belong to a review of this new album.

Foreverlin is currently composed of three permanent members: brothers Peter and Caleb Blomberg and Burke Florom. Peter leads with vocals and guitar while Caleb focuses more on guitar and backup vocals. Burke provides the drums for the trio as well as occasional backup vocals too. Their website beautifully and accurately compares their music as written towards “fans of Hillsong, Citizens & Saints, and Ascend the Hill” (Foreverlin, 2017, n.p.). If you’ve read my blog enough, this will be our third article featuring Foreverlin and a review of their music.

These past few months have allowed me to reflect on the concept of worship and how ingrained it is into the human experience. The creative intention of God is worship. The theology is as old as Genesis in that we [humanity] are created for relationship with God. Even those outside of the saving grace of God worship something whether it’s themselves, material possessions, political parties, science, you name it. The human experience we call life, is faced with numerous choices of whether we choose to worship God or whether we become enslaved to the false belief that we are our own gods or goddesses. Nevertheless, when the Holy Spirit draws us towards the loving nature of God, Christians cannot help but sing out their love for Him. And in times when songs cannot do this expression justice, talented musicians sing to the Lord through the use of their instruments.

The songs Foreverlin has chosen to cover a wide range of popular contemporary Christian worship songs across Christendom. You Remain is such a carefully crafted entitlement of this worship experience because it sums up the general concept of every song: Christ always remains the center of the Christian life despite what trials and tribulations are presented to the believer. You Remain is comprised of five worship songs entitled “Doxology”, “You Remain”, “Good, Good Father”, “Come As You Are”, and “Here’s My Heart.”

“Doxology” is an ancient Christian hymn modernized for contemporary music by David Crowder. Foreverlin’s version of this sensational classic just makes the listener want to get up and dance to the tune. This desire to dance before the Lord is further influenced by Florom’s intense drum build up throughout the song. Furthermore, its simple lyrics allow the musicians to freely play and build upon one another with their instruments.

“You Remain” is an original track composed by Foreverlin and the song by which the album is so appropriately named. Throughout the song, Caleb and Peter switch off beautiful guitar solos with one another while Peter’s vocals synergize with these instruments to create a vocal powerhouse of sounds.

“Good, Good Father” was originally composed by famous contemporary Christian artist Chris Tomlin and speaks about God depicted as a loving father throughout Scripture. At times, this song can be hard for some of us to relate to because our world is so full of absent or distant fathers. The role of the father has been so diminished for decades that many in the younger generation cannot even fathom what a good father looks like. But when we gaze upon the characteristics of God the Father in the Bible, we can truly see the characteristics fathers should strive to emulate.

If an altar call could be summarized in the form of a song, David Crowder’s “Come as You Are” is this worship song. Foreverlin’s cover of this song takes Crowder’s original version to another level. Such powerful lyrics like “So lay down your burdens, lay down your shame” and “All who are broken, lift up your face” describe

“Here’s My Heart” by Passion is the last song on Foreverlin’s worship EP. The lyrics speak about submitting ever part of our lives to God because of His good nature towards loving and accepting us. The lyrics often echo such calls on prophet’s lives like Ezekiel and Isaiah.

Overall, I would consider You Remain my type of worship music. Everything just works. I’ve said it before and I’ll transcribe it again, there are those whom can play music and those whom are anointed for worship. Foreverlin is one such band. They are anointed to play worship and it’s evident in every song I’ve listened to from this band. Pick up a copy of this album and connect with God musically at a deeper level.

Keep them in your prayers as they continue to reach out for venues, events, and church functions. Connect with them on social media and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest around March and April, try to get them to stop by your town. You’ll be blessed to share your worship experience with these gentlemen as they lead you in a deeper time of knowing God’s presence.

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