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Blog Article 56: A review of Lisa Mitts’ album Where I Belong

It’s 2017 and to usher in Creative Christian Moments fourth year of reviews, I’m reviewing another local musician from Washington State named Lisa Mitts. To us Washingtonians here, Mitts’ name is quite familiar in the Puget Sound area as she has partaken in many different roles throughout her life; some of which include the roles of a wife, mother, worship leader, antihuman trafficking activist, and advocate just to name a few. Mitts and her husband David also host a Friday radio show called the Messianic Lamb Radio.

Back in 2014, I conducted an interview with Mitts about her music career and her involvement with antihuman trafficking efforts in the greater Seattle area. Below is a link to learn more about her and her music.

You can also listen to powerful testimony interview conducted with Carrie Abbott from Relationship Insights about her life including the inspiration behind her music and her survival of a horrible personal attack.

To date, Where I Belong is Mitts’ fifth album. In her own words, Mitts states that these “songs have been inspired out of a deeper revelation of abiding in the love of Messiah [Jesus Christ] without the self-induced pressure of having to strive or earn God’s love. We all begin our walk with the LORD out of a pure raw desperation knowing that there is nothing we can ever do to earn this love – it is not based in works, rather the opposite. But somehow we get sucked back into the lie that says ‘we will never attain it’, or ‘it’s our fault that we aren’t walking in His promises’, when in fact it has nothing to do with our works.” (Lisa Mitts, 2017, para. 1)

Mitts’ fifth album also enjoyed contributions from Derek Hoiem of Rain On Me Productions, Jeff Coult, Lise Peterson, John Barksdale, and Heidi Collins (Lisa Mitts, 2017).

Mitts cites that her inspiration for this album grew from a deeper revelation of the love of God towards her and those around her. Mitts also states that she wrestled with the pressures of striving to earn God’s love and perfectionist expectations that often try to creep back into a new believer’s life. In summation, her entire album is devoted to dismantling these false expectations by letting the love and grace of God suffice in a believers own shortcomings.

“It is because of what Christ did for us as the eternal Lamb of God. He was and is and will always be provision for the sin of mankind, as well as our own individual sin that provides such an incredible reality of the unending love of God. As the scripture says in Rom 8:31-39. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God!” (Lisa Mitts, 2017, para. 1)

Much of Mitts music I have had the privilege of listening to is great unplugged worship. Where I Belong continues this tradition with beautiful acoustics and piano serenades as she incorporates her Jewish heritage into many of the songs. Vocally, Mitts has such a distinct voice that can penetrate the soul of the listener. Here music is enchanting, unique, and audibly soothing to the listener. Where I Belong is such a refreshing sound.

Furthermore, Mitts offers samples of these full tracks you can review before purchasing.

“Where I Belong” begins with a folk guitar opening but quickly transitions into a full worship song accompanied by piano and drums. Much of lyrics focus on addressing listeners whom have strayed from the path of walking with God as He draws them back to the path of Christianity through the use of His Holy Spirit. The song also focuses on abiding in the presence of God. A foundational principle Christians grow into is abiding in the constant presence of God. This is often achieved through regular prayer, worship through song, and personal times of reflection on the teachings of God. As a Christian progresses in the sanctification process, he or she can sense God’s presence more consistently through these spiritual disciplines. Furthermore, when a wayward Christian strays from walking with God in this capacity, it is the longing of the Holy Spirit in their hearts to return to this regular fellowship.

If one could put a prayer to music, Mitts’ song “Come Fill Me” is that songs. The lyrics draw on her desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit in a greater capacity. Throughout the New Testament, this theme of being filled with the Holy Spirit is addressed again and again. Much like abiding in the presence of God, being filled with the Holy Spirit allows the Christian to accomplish tasks that are alien to the natural man (those whom are not Christians). Often examples of this indwelling of God is seen how the Christian talks and acts towards people as well as in supernatural experiences often contrary to the natural world. These include healings, signs and wonders, as well as overcoming personal vices that have often defined a person in a negative way. Like abiding in the presence of God, being filled with the Holy Spirit occurs in greater levels as the Christian progresses in their relationship with God over a life time.

“A New Song” describes how God deliveries people from personal captivity through His fiery passion for people. “A New Song” also discusses the basics of walking with the Lord to the new Christian. Music wise, the guitar is emphasized the most in the song with periods of mandolin like chords appearing throughout the song. This song is also figurative of the new Christian in that each person’s life is compared to a song we sing to the Lord. Each decision of Christianity begins a new song, which woven together with all the other songs of Christians to form an unimaginable concert of beauty.

For those unfamiliar with the Book of Psalms all of these were actually ancient worship songs composed by King David of Israel and many others. It has been Jewish tradition to sing these songs in services. In celebration of her Jewish heritage, Mitts continues this tradition with her song “Psalm 91” reciting the entire psalm in musical form. Psalm 91 discusses the Lord’s protection in great detail to the listener.

But do not just stop at these four songs I have reference; Mitts has eight more songs that you can listen to and purchase on her website, Amazon, or iTunes.

How best can you support Mitts as she continues to produce amazing music and advocate for human trafficked survivors? Book her for your next church or ministry event. You can also donate to Destiny House Restoration Center if you’d like to get involved in local human trafficking prevention within the Seattle area. But most importantly, continue to pray for Mitts and that God would open doors that would not shut this year.

The Christian Musical Renaissance continues to blaze through the Pacific Northwest.

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