Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 51: A Review of “This Joy” by Amy T

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Blog Article 51: A Review of “This Joy” by Amy T

It is an honor and privilege to watch God continue to use the underground Christian rap movement in the Seattle region with soul saving songs rhymed with instrumental beats that bludgeon even the best of today’s secular rap music. Can God use rap music to to save souls through the preaching of the Gospel message? Absolutely, and one only has to look at some of the most hardened, crime ridden, and impoverished neighborhoods of the greater Seattle area to witness the dramatic restoration of community, family, and safety returning there. The Holy Spirit is rippling across the Pacific Northwest with this continued renaissance revival of the arts at the hands of everyday Christians presenting their talents before the Lord. It is a joyous experience to witness this powerful move of revival.

Joy is so intertwined within the lifestyle of the Christian as well as the Scriptures. Christianity is celebratory bringing forth joy in every sphere of influence, since the early church was born up unto this present age. Amy T’s album, This Joy, is a celebratory anthem of the joy of the Gospel message and the privilege of presenting it to the masses.

Amy T, the husband of Christian rapper Barnabas (Daniel Lefotu), is becoming a more familiar name amongst the Christian hip-hop community as the two of them tackle the Puget Sound area. With the celebration of fifty artists reviewed so far, this blog post will take us back to the beginning in reviewing Barnabas’s equally talented wife.

This Joy does everything the album title would suggest: produce the joy of the Lord in every capacity. (Yes, I am a bit cliched here)! Ever song delivers an equal powerhouse of praise. Lefotu’s lyrics are bold, blunt, and intentional as she does not shy away from preaching the Gospel message throughout her songs. Instrumentally, Amy T’s music is mixed beautifully and once again shows the power of the independent artist. Below are my two favorite songs discussed in depth.

“Time” introduces the listener to a chorus of chanting piano and electronica sounds reminding me of a 90s dance club throwback. It’s catching and then hits the conscience as Amy T discusses the philosophical aspects of time, including its finite nature. The chorus directly references Hebrews 10:23, and also alludes to the Christian concept of running the race of faith marked out for the believer in Hebrews 12:1. Lefotu’s music strikes deeper though, the concept of time whether a Christian or not is entrenched in the back of the minds of humanity because our life here is finite. But it is the gift of the Gospel message that allows the sinner the option of always redeeming the time they have left, no matter how late a new believer may arrive. The hope of Christians is spending an eternity with a God whose created them for fellowship, so time in this life is merrily a preparation for things to come. It is joyous and celebratory as we live “life abundantly” (John 10:10a).

Who likes to wait for something? Not in today’s society of instant gratification. I must confess at times I struggle with waiting for breakthrough in my own life. “Patiently Wait” by Amy T addresses this concept like a sledgehammer to a glass window. Her lyrics are convicting and compelling as she confronts the soul’s prideful statements of self reliance. Waiting patiently can often last months or even years; experience has also taught me that usually within the time we want to give up, our breakthrough for success is just moments away. Personally, I found this song an anthem for my own season of life within 2016.

Now, I will transition to a new song Barnabas and Amy T have written. I know-I know, this is a review of This Joy (and it’s taken me a year to write) but why not preview what is to come. “We Got Today” was release twenty-nine days ago on Sound Cloud. “We Got Today” challenges the listener to with a sense of urgency to make the most of each day because we are not promised tomorrow. But rather than fulfil instant gratification about indulging in today, Barnabas and Amy T challenge us to offer our best daily because God will take care of the needs that arise tomorrow or in the days to come.

How can you support Amy T? Follow her on social media, help promote her music, and schedule her along with Barnabas for your next ministry or youth event. As this dynamic duo of a couple continue to grow in their music, continue to pray for them and their ministry. As I close, I am reminded of when I attended community college in 2007 with Daniel Lefotu and the many times he would speak about Amy. Now seeing them married and perfectly complementing each other in more ways than just music, I look forward to the revival that will break out within their future concerts. Continue to write music Barnabas and Amy T. We look forward to watching God elevate this Christian couple as mentors to the next generation.

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