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Blog Article 47: A Review of Parrish’s EP

There is a dynamic duo, forged from the dynasty of musical exceptionalism, sweeping through Napa, California and onto your radios, streaming services, and indie stations. Am I talking about Batman? No, I’m referring to the particularly talented musical group known as Parrish, which is shaking the the spiritual realms of Napa, California with their unique style of worship music.

Much like Napa’s own history of gold rushes, Parrish’s music is like instrumental gold that I have had the privilege to partake of a recently release EP. Their music reminded me of the Parable of Buried Treasure in Matthew 13:44-46. The wealth of Biblical theology and knowledge woven into their worship style is of inestimable value. Their worship music celebrates the folk style of American music from the days of glories past, serenading the listener with hymn like experiences, rich and earthy.

Parrish is comprised of Nathan (Nate) and Rachel Parrish. Nate plays guitar while Rachel plays piano. Both musicians sing lyrics together in many of the songs. In 2007, the dynamic duo met in in Modesto, CA at The House (formally known as Calvary Temple Worship Center) and were married in 2009. Nate has played in worship for Worth Dying For and Kingdom (Parrish a, 2015). Rachel graduated from William Jessup University with a bachelor’s degree in Music (Parrish a, 2015). Currently they live in Napa, California where they enjoy riding bikes and “drinking coffee all day” (Parrish a, 2015, n.p.).

Parrish’s EP consists of six songs. Overall I found the album an emotional worship experience of a solemn reflection on my own personal faith. So many of the songs spoke directly to me or my current circumstances in life. This truly is my favorite set of songs for worship.

“Death Was Buried in it’s Grave” took me back to my southern Christian roots with its Fleetwood Mac sound. The song was incredibly catchy and I found myself singing it in my mind hours and hours later. Personally, I could see this song in communion ceremony as it led the listener through the whole process of explaining the Gospel message. I was waiting for the wash boards, jugs, and fiddles to chime in at any second, too; a true celebration of the rich small town Christian community’s of America’s past.

“In the Storm” begins with an acoustic introduction from from Nate followed by his vocals. Rachel was provided back up on this song. The lyrics are so rich in this song calling back to the Irish folk roots of our ancestors! Just read one of my favorite lines from the song: “To the soil my roots run deep and if the wind would strip me of my leaves, I would stand up tall with branches bare. For in the storm I know my Lord is there.” “In the Storm” is a triumphant song about enduring enduring the storms of life and having peace about them because the Lord is with you. After the last few years of hardship this nation has faced, I felt many could sing this song as a banner of endurance with the Lord.

“Refuge” was the third song on the EP album and described just the desperation humanity with words like “beggars”, “orphans”, and how the Lord acts as a refuge for of us despite our shortcomings. Rachel’s angelic voice echoed how sinners find refuge at the cross of Jesus Christ.

“Lord I come to Thee” was next and really echoed the heart felt desires of every Christian following God wholeheartedly. The overall message spoke about humbly approaching the Lord and reminded me of a communion song. Halfway through the song, a beautiful chorus of joins the vocalists in the background and like the heavens were opening with an angelic choir. It felt as though angels had entered the room with ministering power from the Holy Spirit. The song was truly transformable.

“Soon. Very soon, our King is coming soon.” Such a powerful verse from the song “Skin and Bone.” I find it interesting that a paradigm shift has occurred in Christian music focusing more on the return of Christ. My wife and I were conversing about this very topic yesterday how during the recession, Christian music focused more on the desperation of humanity and now our music has a focus on Christ’s Second Coming. Coincidence? Most likely not. “Skin and Bone” begins with an earthy Johnny Cash sound as Nate intros the song. After the introduction, “Skin and Bone” shifts to a 1990s southern rock sound serenading the listener with the simple promise of Christians: Chris will return as promised in Acts 1:11. And this simple truth is the hope we Christians have that grounds us in all of life’s trials and tribulations. Jesus could return today, in the middle of this blog post, or hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands years later…but He will return.

“Nothing But the Blood” is the last song on Parrish’s EP. It is one of my favorite hymns and I thoroughly enjoyed how Nate and Rachel used the ancient hymn in their own version of the song and then transitioned back into the lyrics we know so well.

What an emotional experience in worshipping God? Parrish’s EP is music from heaven. Nate and Rachel have been uniquely anointed in writing worships songs and I look forward to how God will use these songs to minister to people. If you would like to support Parrish keep them in your prayers and purchase their music. You can always request them to lead worship at your next ministry event.

Many of my Christian brothers and sisters may look at us on the west coast and wonder are any Christians left given the celebration of sin and darkness so prevalent in our cultures. But with Christians like Nate and Rachel remaining as the remnant in California, all is not spiritually lost. The light of Christ burns the brightest when a culture is consumed in darkness. Parrish’s music will play a pivotal roll in the coming revival across California.

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