Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 42: A Review of Annie Lobert’s Book Fallen

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Blog Article 42: A Review of Annie Lobert’s Book Fallen

How far can one person fall away that the grace of God of could never reach them? It is a question that dwells within my thoughts and was also a focal point for my own recently released novel examining the issue of human trafficking. The answer to this question is often the key to unlocking the Gospel message for some while paradoxically becoming a stumbling block to those engrossed in the bondage of their own sin. The answer to this rhetorical question is “not far enough” to those who would turn from their sin in repentance and believe in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. If anyone would understand this concept the best, author Annie Lobert would given the miraculous story of her conversion to Christianity.

Lobert writes, “No matter how far you have fallen, God loves you and wants to save you from the depths of any pain, trauma, addiction, or abuse. And He longs to give you a new life.” (Hooker for Jesus, 2015, n.p.). Below is her powerful testimony from I Am Second.

“That night…I died inside,” speaks Lobert as she remembers the five years she spent as a prostitute in Las Vegas seduced by the false views of love and the desire of fast money (I Am Second, 2012). Her reputation drew a vast audience of celebrities and even politicians desiring for the services of the infamous call girl known as “Fallen.”

Lobert’s book is an emotionally hard read given the heart breaking situations and scenarios she has experienced. But like all great authors before her, it’s these tales that must be told because they illustrate the never ending amazing grace offered through the Gospel. The burning questions inside my mind while I read her book were always “why” or “how” as to what drives an individual into this lifestyle. But like many testimonies I have read in the past, Lobert’s childhood abuse sends her on a spiraling journey into darkness that becomes thicker and thicker as the years progress in her life leading her into a vicious cycle of prostitution, physical trauma, and drug addiction. But Lobert’s story does not end in darkness…In the depths of suffering, Christ’s Gospel message traverses into her life through a drug overdose. “Jesus please save me. I don’t know if you’re real but I don’t want to die…” she cried out after taking an especially high dose of drugs to end her life (I Am Second, 2012). In that moment of absolute surrender, Christ’s redemption invaded her life as a group of EMTs showed up in time to revive her. But Lobert’s story does not end with the conclusion of her autobiography.

Much like the parable of the potter’s clay, God has taken what has seemed plain and useless by the world’s standards and used her life to birth a ministry called Hookers for Jesus. Say what?! Hookers for Jesus?! Do not let the provocative statement turn you off from investigating this ministry. Hookers for Jesus is a whimsical play on words with a purposeful outreach to those in the adult industry and prostitution with the Gospel message. The ministry name alludes to the passage of Matthew 4:19 in which Jesus instructs Peter and Andrew to be fishers of men (this includes women, too). “That’s what I’m called to do. To simply tell them that God loves you,” states Lobert as she describes her calling in reach out to women caught up in the live of prostitution (I Am Second, 2012).

As Christians, we tend to pass judgement too quickly before understanding the pain someone is in. Despite Las Vegas’s reputation as Sin City, Christ’s Gospel light is shining the brightest as many ground breaking ministries arise within this eleventh hour window of opportunity to reach the lost. These admirable men and women deserve out utmost support as they purposely reach into the jaws of societal Hell and snag broken men and women out of these flames of bondage. They truly emulate the hands and feet of Christ’s continue ministry.

How can you support Lobert and her ministry to reach the broken? The best method: prayer, prayer, and more prayer given the intense spiritual warfare occurring between light and darkness associated with the nature of the culture Lobert and her team are ministering to with the Gospel message. You can also purchase a copy of her book or donate to her ministry Hookers for Jesus. Lobert’s book is one of the most eye-witnessing accounts one will read about the truth behind adult industry. Schedule Lobert for your next ministry event involving how to outreach and provide resources for men and women enslaved to prostitution, the adult industry, or human trafficking. May the life of Lobert inspire all of us to reach out to the marginalized members of our society with the greatest gift one could offer them: the good news of the Gospel message.

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