“A Woman’s Choice” April 2015 Online Book Fundraiser for The Exodus Road

This event has been temporarily postponed. Will update again in the future.

April 2015 fundraiser TER

Date: April 1, 2015 – April 30, 2015
Location: Online through Facebook and GoodReads
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/810434315672956/

Special online fundraiser for The Exodus Road for the entire month of April! When you purchase a paperback or ebook copy of “A Woman’s Choice,” half of the profits will be donated to The Exodus Road at the end of the month. A record of the generated funds will be posted here and sent to The Exodus Road, too. Continue to visit this event page often this month for special Q&A sessions with me, human trafficking awareness, and news about The Exodus Road.

Who are The Exodus Road?
The Exodus Road is a 501c3 organization which exists to empower the deliverance of modern slaves. In addition to equipping their own investigative team of nationals and expats, they also empower other organizations and local authorities by supplying covert gear, operational funding, training, and networking support. In addition, they equip local communities to watch for trafficking in their own cities, work to build collaboration through the Liberty Alliance, and offer trainings to those on the front lines of rescue work. The Exodus Road operates in the following countries/regions: USA, Southeast Asia, and India. In less than three years, The Exodus Road has supported the rescues of 326 sex slaves through the work of over 60 investigators that they have been honored to support and have networked with nearly 40 other organizations in collaborative partnership.

Why makes The Exodus Road different?
There are many excellent organizations fighting modern day slavery today. It’s important to understand a few of The Exodus Road’s key differentiators:

1). They believe in collaboration. We believe in fueling the work of many and value collaboration for the sake of victims.

2). They focus on targeted interventions. Our niche is fueling undercover investigations and raids with local police. We believe this is a strategic way to fight trafficking, big-picture. While we do have partnerships with many quality after care partners and direct a portion of our funding to both after care and prevention, our main focus will always be intervention.

3). They believe “justice is in the hands of the ordinary.” The organization was birthed in humble beginnings and in the wild belief that we all have a role to play in freedom. We still believe that, and we work hard to give everyone a chance to make an impact.

4). They bring donors to the front lines. Through text updates, covert footage videos, and opportunities to join a literal rescue team, we try to connect our community here with our field teams there.

5). They value the national. Ultimately believing that nationals are the most equipped to bring change to their own communities, they highly support our national investigators and organizations.

6). They are victim-centered. They keep the girl or boy trapped in sex slavery at the center of what they do, what they fund, and how they implement strategies in the field.

7). When they say “rescue,” we mean RESCUE. Though the term “rescue” is ambiguous, especially in this field of counter-trafficking work, when they use the word “rescue,” they are specifically speaking of a deliverance from a situation of literal slavery. All cases are worked under the authority of the local police.

If you’d like to partner with them, check out their website at http://www.theexodusroad.com to find out more information about getting involved. Are you a blogger like me? Join The Exodus Road Bloggers team and help fuel the fires of freedom through monthly blog submissions and discussions on your website/social media page. http://www.exodusroadbloggers.com


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