Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 39: Yadah Da King Radio

Creative Christian Moments

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Blog Article 39: Yadah Da King Radio

As our world enters into the next great revival, the Holy Spirit is making the Gospel known in some of the most unreached places with the most unlikely of people while using the most unheard of methods. This heavenly inspired phenomenon is not just happening in far off countries but is also a occurring in countries that have historical Christian roots. It is an awesome time to be alive and bear witness to the saving power of Christ’s Gospel message as it is preached through the different spheres of influence available to this generation. Our own cloud of witnesses is watching in utter expectation as we run our own Christian races as spoken about in Hebrews 12:1.

There is something that stirs my renewed spirit with electrifying passion when I can witness and even partake of an experience in which Christ’s Gospel message is understood by an individual for the first time through a medium they understand. Having been a heavy metal atheist myself in the past, when the Holy Spirit unlocks the heart of the unbeliever to respond to Christ’s message of salvation I often reflect on Luke 15:1-10 that states how the angels of heaven rejoice over the one soul saved.

Last year, famed Christian rapper Lecrae won a grammy for his album Gravity reinforcing how the Holy Spirit is using our spheres of influence to make His name known amongst a world trying with all its might to resist the Kingdom of Heaven. Even in Christian music, the media often does not speak about the men and women serving in the ministry trenches of everyday life making is possible for the artists to share their music. These hidden disciples make it possible for these artists to share their musical talents to a pluralistic society drunk with emptiness from the latest philosophical thoughts projected through secular music.

Like a beacon of light, Yadah Da King Radio is the Pacific Northwest’s number one station to tune into for music about indie Christian rappers, R&B, and soul. “Bangin’ Music, Upliftin’ Talk & Abundant Life” is the mantle by which the hosts of Yadah Da King Radio walk out their Christian calling (Yadah Da King Radio a, 2015, n.p.). Founded in 2009 by Marquis Franklin also known as Don Christi’on, their podcasts quickly ignited fires throughout the region on local Christian talent in the urban music culture. C.L. Hunter from Colorado, also known as DeeJay Kingom 7, joined the team three years ago and co-hosts the podcasts with Franklin. Past radio show hosts that have assisted in growing this urban music empire include Miss Cole, FROG, and many others. Indie Christian musicians are encouraged to submit their music for review, selection, and possible interviews.

“Geared towards lifting the name of Jesus Christ in our urban culture! Yadah is the Hebrew word for powerful praise with extended hands, standing on your feet!” (Yadah Da Kind Radio a, 2015, n.p.).
When asked about why such a radio station was started, Franklin and his team state “we felt the need of a radio show that gives advice on how to live affective Christian life” (Yadah Da Kind Radio a, 2015, n.p.). So while their podcasts blast the latest booming hits for the locals, Franklin and his team often interview many of the musicians featured on their show. Past guests include K Drama, D maud, Barnabas & Amy T, Chay Sutton, Jazz Digga, Willie Will, Eshon Burgandy, T Haddy, Humble Tip, FROG&TOAD, and Spencer Kane.

How can you support Yadah Da King Radio? Prayer is one of the most important requests by the hosts. Connect with Yadah Da King Radio on social media and follow their updates as they spread information about local Christian musician events. You can also follow Chase’s devotional on their website, partner with them on a church or ministry event, or message them to chat about ideas, topics, and features you would like them to explore for future shows. If you are an up and coming Christian rapper, reach out to the Franklin and Hunter by sending them your audio files or albums.

Yadah Da King Radio pages
Official Website:
Live Stream:
Phone: 425-243-4285

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