Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 38: A Review of The Paralytics

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Blog Article 38: A Review of The Paralytics

A titanic shift has taken place within this generation when it comes to outreach and evangelism. Christians are saturating the artist market, especially when it comes to mainstream music. I cannot recall a time when their arose such an intentionality amongst individuals to use their talents in sharing the Gospel message. In this eleventh hour of humanity’s history, Christ is activating the talents of the most unlikely of sources to influence the culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Out of Elmer and Olympia, Washington, The Paralytics are sweeping the Puget Sound with illuminated songs inspired from heaven to reach this generations teenagers. How would I describe their music? A fusion of Switchfoot, Skillet, and The Afters marinated with solos of eighties electrified guitar sounds and heavy metal drum beats. But what makes this band stand out the most is their intentionality to perform in secular venues with the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel message.

The Paralytics describe themselves as a “band [that] performs at venues with other bands of different genres, and believes that “Christian” is not a sound, but a lifestyle. They write songs which consist of their every day life battles, and hope to give people strength in the midst of theirs” (The Paralytics d, 2015, n.p.). What music like this serves as is the most important element of acting as a bridge between Christianity and the secular community. So much music about self-worship, depression, immorality, and empty lifestyles are prevalent in the music industry that The Paralytics serve as a refreshing sound with their uniquely talented music.

I was first exposed to the music of The Paralytics while helping a friend move his mother to another city. Cleaning and item organizing are a skill my wife and I posses so we had volunteered our time to assist. Anyway, I have digressed from my original post so back to what I was originally going to state. Spirit 105.3, the local Christian radio station for the Puget Sound, was conducting their annual local music project that consists of sharing music from around Washington state of local Christian musicians. The Paralytics happened to be one of the nominations for winning the contest and their songs broadcasted pretty regularly throughout our car trips of transporting items.

The Paralytics are comprised of five high school friends: Christian Redmond (lead vocals), Nick Burgess (guitars/keys/vocals), Riley Erickson (guitar/backup vocals), Michael Dean (drums/backup vocals), and Colby Whipple (bass). “Some of our hobbies include writing music together, Rock Band, Halo, and making fun of Nick” (The Paralytics c, 2015, n.p.). There social media pages are filled with witty comments, their likes and dislikes, and a general positive vibe that comprises a bridge between Christians and the secular community.

Even though The Paralytics do not have a mainstream CD for sale (yet anyway…), their music has circulated virally within the community through social media through a couple songs associated with an EP entitled Broken Strings and Mended Wings. You can listen to the EP below as well as watch a lyric video.

Most of the songs speak about the emotions in teenagers’ lives but hint at how Christ can break through and carry them through tough circumstances. My personal favorite songs are “Just Keep Fading” and “All I Need.” Both songs are packed with pounding drum beats and awesome guitar solos near the end.

Please lift these guys up in prayer as they continue to pursue their musical goals. You can also book them at your next church or youth event as they draw quite the crowd. Also, check out some more of there music on other sites like BandCamp, Reverbnation, and Sound Cloud. I look forward to see which major record label will sign these guys soon. The Seattle are has plenty of them to go around and new talent is what many of them desperately need.

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