Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 37: A Review of Mallory Orr and Mallory Michelle Photography

Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community.”

Blog Article 37: A Review of Mallory Orr and Mallory Michelle Photography

Photography takes skills of precession to master. Lighting, colors, and textures must all harmonize when the subject comes right into view for the perfect photo. Photographs can move the soul with depictions of joyous occasions, tug at our consciences through tragedy, and grant us images of hope when the world around us appears spiraling into deep desolation. Not everyone possesses these skills with a camera but one woman in the Puget Sound area of Washington state is creating ripples and wakes throughout the photographic world. Her name is Mallory Orr and she runs a local photography business called Mallory Michelle Photography. Orr also holds the honor of the first photographer reviewed on Creative Christian Moments, too.

Photography and graphic design hold a dear place in my heart given my own brief training in high school with this artistic medium. A decade ago, I enrolled in two semesters of photography and grew to love the whole photographic experience, especially landscapes. Mind you I was only good with landscapes but I developed huge respect for those who can take portraits given the technical ability involved by the photographer. So when I talk about Orr and her photography business, I am already admitting my bias because she is a phenomenal photographer. She provides impeccable service and skill and she is the only one I trust with the knowledge to produce professional photos.

Much of her work settles around engagement, wedding, and pregnancy photos but she also has a beauteous set of textures, too. Just take a look at some of these photos below and partake of the pictorial exquisiteness.

Orr and I first met a about six years ago through Campus Crusade for Chris at Everett Community College as she pursued an Associate of Arts degree in photography. She has an independence about her personality, speaks her mind, yet remains humble and wrapped in the Gospel message. She possesses such a confidence in femininity as a woman and her position as a daughter of Christ that I can only beseech God with prayers that my own daughter would grow up to emulate her healthy balance of Godly womanhood. When I think of role models for young girls to emulate, Orr is the archetype.

For the Christian artist, photographers develop a deep connection with the Holy Spirit by capturing moments of life that reflect the Gospel message. Beautiful landscapes echo the passages of Genesis as we marvel at how God’s creative nature spoke into existence such a eclectic diverse, complex, and colorful collections of flora, fauna, and ultimately humanity. Through depictions of humanity’s treasure like moments, God grants us windows into the lives of people around us. Think about the photos of tragedies such as sickness in Africa, war, poverty, devastation, but also the happy moments like the birth of a child, graduation from education, or the reunion of family members once lost. Though the graphic nature of these realities may grip our souls with sorrow at the horrors of sin, these pictures inspire hope and righteous indignation to solve them. Hope is at the core of Christian principles in correlation to photography. Hope is the promise held by all Christians understanding that though the world around us may be drowning in sin and its destructive consequences, Christ shall one day return to bring justice while ultimately restoring our own world into its original creative initiation: a dwelling by which God and humanity commune with each other like family.

If you would like to support Orr and Mallory Michelle Photography, prayer for the blessings of this ministry. You can also request her as your next photographer for social occasions, family moments, and even creating stock photos for sale. Reach out to her through social media, email or her provided phone number from her site.

All photographs used in this blog are copyrighted under Mallory Orr and her clients and require permission for usage of any request, both commercially or non-commercially. To gain permission of usage of these images, please reach out for approval from Orr through email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Mallory Orr’s Pages
Phone: (425) 213-3485

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Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 36: Jesse Mayor and Servant Studios

jesse mayor servant studios

(Right: Jesse Mayor)

Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community.”

Blog Article 36: Jesse Mayor and Servant Studios

“Many artists will tell you that they didn’t plan to do what they do. They were led to do it by the Holy Spirit,” is a common phrase uttered by Jesse Mayor of Servant Studios in description of the artists he meets and in describing his own faith journey into Christian artist ministry (Servant Studios a, 2014, para. 6). While at times it may seem to my readers that I am one of the only bloggers in Washington speaking about the amazing Christian art renaissance occurring, I am beseeched to exhort my fellow brother in Christ tolling the uphill battle of Christian artistry proclamation, too.

How would I describe Mayor? That’s a tough one…By day he can assist you with wealth management and investments but his true passion is spreading Christianity in the arts community. He is a man of tenacious chivalrous Christian integrity quite refreshing for the area. Mayor wields overwhelming Christian convictions and will not compromise his Christian values, especially when it comes to vetting Christian artists and their works for purity.

What I admire most about Mayor is his jack-of-all-trades approach to Christian arts. He raps, writes, edits music and film, markets, networks. The list goes on and on. If one could think of it, Mayor has probably done it. Mayor is also quite the philanthropist having worked with many other different ministries and organizations such as The Genesis Project, Baby Steps Ministry, Genuine Life Records, Holy Rock Records, Creation Festival, and Yadah Da King Radio. Mayor’s life demonstrates an honest attempt at living within Christian piety that one aspires to emulate in their own walk with Christ.

These days launching any artistic project successfully involves marketing, networking, more marketing, more networking, etcetera, etcetera! Given the unique niche and narrow projected audience of the Christian artist, just starting to pursue this talent appears physically exhausting, painstakingly time consuming, and often produces multiple pits of failures if planned incorrectly. Servant Studios, helmed by the Mayor (yes pun intended) himself, is an online website and forum serving as the perfect panacea of resolutions to these obstacles by networking other like minded Christian artists together in comradery.

Describing his own Christian faith journey on his website, Mayor explains he personally battled the conflict many Christians share of honoring God with our media selections. Being frustrated with the lack of quality Christian entertainment, the Holy Spirit began pouring into Mayor a new revelation of what cultural Christianity could look like in the major spheres of media influence such as music, movies, television, culinary arts, dance, and literacy. “I was convicted by the Spirit to do something about it” (Servant Studios a, 2014, para. 4). Thus Servant Studios was born and following this new birth, BLESSED mic nights soon followed with eager youth sharing the same passion. “It started as helping to get the word out, social media invites and emails. On my birthday however, the Holy Spirit brought forth the beginning of this revelation that He has continued to develop in me to this day” (Servant Studios a, 2014, para. 4).

Monthly, Mayor and an alliance of enthusiastic Christian artists host an open mic event in Everett, WA through Legacy Outreach Ministries. You want genuine revival occurring in the lands of the United States of America, start in Everett, WA. These artistic events are not just regurgitated hyped meetings of emotionalism but rather strengthen the body of Christ through Holy Spirit led poetry, rap music, dancing, and any other art form you can fathom. But most importantly, these artists connect the Gospel with the youth of this city through mediums they can understand resulting in genuine fruit producing salvation experiences.

Mayor follows the words of Paul in 1st Corinthians 12 when explaining how Christian artists till their secular fields with the seed of the Gospel by alluding to the theme of how each Christian is a unique member of the body of Christ offering different gifts to complete the process. “When the Body of Christ Jesus is more aware of the gifts and other parts of the Body around them, the Body as a whole can move in a greater way and live in a culture dedicated to Christ Jesus and sharing the Gospel. This site is a tool for you to explore what is available to you, visit and share with other artists sharing the Gospel, and to utilize the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a whole to continue to share the Gospel and make disciples” (Servant Studios b, 2014, para. 6)!

How can you support Mayor? Prayer is the most important form of support as Mayor is currently praying and fasting this very month on the direction of Servant Studios’ vision. IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST IN WASHINGTON STATE, YOU NEED TO CONTACT HIM so he can start marketing what you’re trying to accomplish in the area. If you’re an out-of-state artist looking for a venue, get in contact with Mayor and Legacy Outreach Ministries as they are constantly seeking new artists looking to share their talents.

Jesse Mayor’s Pages
Official Website:

Other Ministries/Organizations Mayor supports
Legacy Outreach Ministries:
The Genesis Project:
Baby Steps Ministry:
Genuine Life Records:
Holy Rock Records:
Creation Festival:
Yadah Da King Radio:

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