Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 35: A Review of Jazz Digga and his Newly Released Album “Next Level”

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Blog Article 35: A Review of Jazz Digga and his Newly Released Album Next Level

“He is your everything. He’s all that you have,” states Gospel and Soul artist Jazz Digga as he finishes describing his relationship with God after discussing his recent health battles while producing his latest album Next Level. (Alone Time, 2014, n.p.). If you’re familiar with the Everett, Washington area, then you may know Jazz Digga whose real name is Deland Wilson. Wilson, you say? That sounds familiar. Like the rapper Willie Will? Yes! He is actually his brother and was also apart of Pop Heavenly and the Heavenly Boyz in the 1990s.

During a lengthy review with Marquis “Don Christi’on” from Seattle’s local Yadah Da King Radio podcast, Wilson explained that the inspiration behind the album came from his own battle to produce the album while battling an autoimmune disease (Alone Time, 2014). Like the great philosophers of the ancient world, Wilson spent much contemplative time battling questions of “why me” and “what am I supposed to get out of this” as he sought answers to his genetic sickness (Alone Time, 2014). Wilson chose the album name, Next Level, because the process of growing a relationship deeper with God often occurs during suffering (Alone Time, 2014). During that process, Wilson battled the process of surrendering oneself to the perfect will of God despite the horrendous health problems occurring (Alone Time, 2014).

Wilson’s journey of suffering parallels the nature of the sanctification process found in 16th century Carmelite Friar Saint John of the Cross’s poem, Dark Night of the Soul. In the poem, darkness is symbolic of the hardships the Christian endures as they are sanctified by the Holy Spirit. During this process of suffering and surrender, the Christian allows more and more of his or her sin nature to die while the believer reflects more and more of the nature of Christ as illustrated in Ephesians 4:22-24.

When “Don Christi’on” asked about the history behind Jazz Digga’s name, Wilson described that as a baby, his mother would play jazz music to calm him down. As he grew older and entered, his Mcee name became Jazzy D and later grew to Jazz Digga when many of the rap artists were adding igga to the ends of their names (Alone Time, 2014).

How did I discover Wilson’s music? Through a CD release party posted by another affluent blogger of Christian artists named Jesse Mayor who hosts a similar website called Servant Studios. About once a month, Mayor hosts a partnered event called BLESSED, which is an open mic event for local artists to share their talents with the youth of Everett. I could not make last months event but decided to research Wilson for my own personal interest in a blog post.

Personally, I am not much of a Gospel and Soul music individual but Wilson’s tracks were captivating to me. His album title really says every explanatory word one could use to summarize its grandiose composure of lyrics and music: Next Level. If you are searching for some new worship music, Wilson’s album will suffice as the long sort after elucidation. Like the jazz story told earlier, Wilson’s voice and lyrics are supernaturally soothing to the soul. The peace of God descends completely on the listener throughout this musical experience with songs such as “Worship U”, “Come Back to Love”, and “My Errything.”

How can you support Wilson? Definitely prayer! Continued prayer for his health would be an awesome place to start as well as continued inspiration from the Holy Spirit to pour in lyrics and music. Purchase one of his CDs or songs. And finally, host him for your next church or ministry event as a musical guest. Wilson has already shaken the heavens in Seattle with his dynasty of Gospel and Soul. May he continue this path with more open doors in the future, in Jesus name. Amen!

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