Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 33: Author Michelle Borquez Thornton

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Blog Article 33: Author Michelle Borquez Thornton

Around the United States of America and the world, God has been raising up warrior women to tackle the confusion of culture often indoctrinated in today’s generation. Where mantles of leadership were once mistakingly stigmatized to only male leaders, God has been shaking Christian culture with a tidal wave of women leaders sold out to the cause of the Gospel. The arguments against such female leaders by tradition holding legalistically blind challengers are quickly silenced by the devastating wake of numerous spiritual fruit, justifying the move of the Holy Spirit through these women of God. One such woman I have watched dismantle the strongholds stigmatized over women is author and speaker Michelle Borquez Thornton.

Borquez Thornton does not shy away from tough topics like divorce, abortion, lust, pride, anger, shame, and many other emotional insecurities. Rather she tackles them tenaciously through oral and written presentations demonstrating passion, punctuality, and politeness. “How do we run free if we are bound up by the chains of our past, our pain, our unforgiveness, our jealousy, fear, anger, and resentment? How do we run when there are chains of guilt, despair, regret, and shame, wrapped around our ankles? Jesus wants us to run free into His arms and yet how can we even totally grasp the boundless love, the miraculous victorious freedom He longs for us to have when we are emotionally not able to walk.” (Borquez Michelle, 2014, para. 1)

Borquez Thornton is most well known for her DVD series Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce (2013), and literary works God Crazy Freedom (2013), Forever God Crazy (2013), Live Laugh Love Again (2013), and Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions (2013). She has also coauthored a plethora of books with other titanic women of faith such as JoAnn Alleman, Sharon Ball Dale, Paige Henderson, Michelle Moore, Julie Terwilliger, Marcee Schneider, Kim Vastine. Other accomplishments from Borquez Thornton are she is a co-owner of Bella Style, a fashion wholesaler to nationwide spas and salons, and the founder of Shine, a publication series marketed towards women that highlights fashion, travel, and health towards women.

Most women know Borquez Thornton from a women’s conference series called God Crazy. As the executive director of God Crazy Ministries, Borquez Thornton and her eclectic team of warrior women share personal stories of overcoming impossible odds and how this impacted their walks with God. God Crazy is an immersive experience featuring intimate times of personal and corporate prayer and worship, too. The atmosphere created in this event is fostered by the Holy Spirit’s ability to ignite passion, perseverance, and endurance to women in need. Below is a feature video from their website summarizing what one can experience in attending a conference.

But most importantly, God Crazy creates an environment for God to dismantle the chains of emotional pain and wounds while allowing the occurrence of healing and restoration. In Borquez Thornton’s (2014) own words of overcoming her personal emotional battles, she describes the freedom she found in Christ and hopes to share with others. “No longer do I sit and wonder why God loves me, adores me, cares for me, no longer do I allow the accuser of the brethern to put me back where I once was for I am free from the things that bind and I am running into the arms of Jesus will full force knowing He is always there, always waiting for me to come to Him with all that I am, flaws and all” (para. 2).

You can support Borquez Thornton through prayer, purchasing one of her books of DVD series, and hosting a God Crazy Conference at your local church or ministry. Borquez Thornton and the many women pioneering in the trenches of a toxic cultural attitude towards women will continue to weave a legacy of lasting change as a demonstration of the restoring power Christ has for all of us.

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