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Blog Article 32: Christian Rock Band DaysEye

When I reflect on Christian rock band DaysEye, the Holy Spirit draws me to the same passage spoken about John the Baptist in the Gospels, foretold by the prophet Isaiah. This passage reads: “A voice of one calling: ‘In the wilderness prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall be raised up and every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.’ ” (Isaiah 40:3-5). Like the great desert fathers in Christian history, DaysEye joins their ranks as proverbial Christ like wells of living water in the desert producing culture of our post-Christian America.

Often rock music culture along with many other subcultures is overlooked by the religious. In their insatiable appetite for religious zeal, these leaders have forgotten the method by which this generation’s of teenagers can relate to the best: the music. If you have read my blog long enough, you know I am passionate about music because regardless of what culture one is apart of, music is such a universal language that humanity shares. So I rhetorically ask the naysayers if such a medium is so vastly understood by humanity, why are we not using this medium to share the Gospel message? As the times and tastes of culture change, the Gospel message endures in its originality while its presentation adapts as needed. DaysEye and the countless rock bands tolling the trenches of broken culture understand this importance and have gladly chosen the better choice: to enter into this local mission field to share and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

DaysEye is comprised of members Travis Schooler (lead vocals/lead guitar), Mychal Fabela (rhythm guitar/ back-up vocals), Nick Carr (bass), and Alex Dean Peacock (drums). In their own words, “Dayseye has a love for the high desert and serving Jesus in the desert community of Apple Valley, [California]. Dayseye has opened up for the Christian band groups such as Seventh Day Slumber, and Air 1 band Pioneer! It’s a real blessing that we ware able to take part in the music ministry of God is constantly opening doors to witness and speak the message of hope. Our goal is to take the Gospel into all the world for those who hear it might receive it with gladness and invite Christ into their hearts” (DaysEye, 2014a, para. 2). In the behind the scene video below for their music video of “I Am Down,” you can watch them speak for themselves about their passion to share Christ through music.

Currently to date, DaysEye has released five songs entitled “Severed Lies”, “Search Lights”, “Never Ending Story”, “Here I Am”, and “I Am Down” for digital purchase through iTunes and Though they have yet to produce a full album, I know with time this task shall be accomplished with gloriously fruitful results.

“Severed Lies” is probably my favorite out of the five songs posted on their DaysEye’s media pages. Given my own process of coming to faith in Christ, my heart holds a special place for music describing the self-infliction one cages themselves in as it speaks to the reality in which the entirety of humanity is before God. Like the character in this song, I possessed ramped up anger towards circumstances and relational treatment I endured but was healed from these lies by the Gospel message.

I would classify “Search Lights” as an intercession song of endurance and perseverance. The lyrics speak to themes of igniting with fire and escaping from self. Ultimately, all of us fluctuate between periods of self-doubt in our abilities at different points in our lives, forcing us to depend on a higher constant than what our senses can identify. “Here I Am” reminded me of how one is brought to the brink of change. Unlike “Severed Lies,” “Here I Am” describes the state by which one’s heart is turned towards God and the pursuit of Him begins while we continue to endure the darkness that has perverted our lives. Like this Biblical character of Job, many of us are brought through seasons in which we endured hardship without understanding only to be richly blessed afterwards by our perseverance in the pursuit of God. “Never Ending Story” spoke of the lamenting process as the song felt more of a melancholy reminder of the process of death and life. DaysEye has a music video for this song too that follows the spouse of a missing soldier from war and her reaction to the news. But like many of their songs, “Never Ending Story” alludes also to the process by which one lays down their life in the pursuit of Christ, too.

“I Am Down” is a pumped, fast paced song discussing the point of rock bottom people reach before they decide to reach for Christ. The video was shot by Stenner Productions in the desert if you remember from the video post earlier in the blog. Much of the desert imagery alludes to the parched nature by which everyone in humanity endures life until they are illuminated by the Gospel message. This imagery mixed with the throttling rock music and searcher lyrics beautifully balance the pursuit for answers for that age old human condition question of what is my purpose in life? Overall, I enjoyed all of their songs as each one spoke to specific emotional experiences people endure throughout life while also hinting at that God is the answer in these tough situations.

DaysEye has a number of ways you can support their ministry through rock music. First and foremost, cover these men in the petitioning of prayers. Next, purchase their music and merchandise through their website. DaysEye also has a Go Fund Me project where regular donations are used to go directly to music ministry as they reach out to the youth. Check back there frequently for updates and stories about how the Gospel message has impacted the various venues they play. Finally, book them at your next ministry or church event as a musical venue. Currently, DaysEye is touring with Seventh Day Slumber, Ilia, and Nine Lashes in the Small Town American Tour, so check their website to keep up to date on their next stops.

DaysEye’s Pages
Official Website:
Pure Volume:
Go Fund Me:

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