Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 15: Freelance Writer and Blogger Peggi (Salva) Tustan

Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community.”

Blog Article 15: Freelance Writer and Blogger Peggi (Salva) Tustan

As I continue my journey into the discovery of Christian artists around my community and across the nation, I am always excited to read the works of other writers like myself. Writing has always played such a supernatural purpose in the history of this earth beginning with God writing the Ten Commandments on stone up to our present age. The Bible itself has been written for our benefit to understand God and His purposes towards humanity. Like the many priests, scribes, prophets, teachers, and leaders of the past, blogger and freelance writer Peggi Tustan uses her passion and skill of writing to continue this sacred and celebrated tradition of passing on the Gospel message through words.

Tustan was one of my first LinkedIn connections back in 2012 when I was first starting out in the social media networking process. Her character was genuine, warm, and welcoming as she shared her ministry with me through LinkedIn messages while also offering an opportunity to examine my own writings. Tustan’s admirable character is demonstrated in her humble approach to encourage others through her writings. “I write to encourage others to take hold of a Real Life (1 Tim 6:19) by taking hold of the Real God” (Tustan, 2014b, n.p.).

“A life of faith in Jesus Christ is often hindered by misconceptions about God and what it means to follow him.” (Tustan, 2014b, n.p.). So true is this statement. I have spoken with many different people about Christianity and the most common reasons for rejection of the Gospel often occur with misconceptions and misunderstandings about God and His view towards humanity. Like the apologists of long ago, Tustan joins the ranks of many Christians looking to use her gift of words to express the simple message of the Gospel while offering encouraging anecdotes from her own personal spiritual journey.

Tustan’s personal blog, entitled Real Life, discusses different passages of the Bible, her personal opinions on popular topics in relation to Christianity, and her experiences with the Christian faith. The blog entry I chose to read was entitled “Jesus’ Temptation in the Desert Luke | 4:1-13.” This particular passage of Scripture tells the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness from the devil after fasting for 40 days. Tustan uses this passage of Scripture to discuss how Satan temps the Christian towards sinful action through a process of planting doubt in one’s mind, tempting people when one is weak or vulnerable, perverting legitimate needs, tempting one to take a shortcut, and to twist the truth of Scripture to reinforce a lie about a situation or belief (Tustan, 2014b). In this section of Scripture, Luke documents how with each attempt and challenge from the devil, Jesus Christ uses an understanding of Scripture and God to refute each of his half truths and down right lies. Tustan also uses the Scriptures to show how Jesus responded to each challenge of the devil and how we can adapt this behavior in our own personal walks of faith.

Tustan is also a leader in women’s ministry at her local church Grace CMA Church. If you would like to support Tustan, pray for her continued success in ministry, follow her personal blog, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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5 thoughts on “Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 15: Freelance Writer and Blogger Peggi (Salva) Tustan

  1. peglovesjesus says:

    Wow, Barry! I am completely surprised and humbled by your review in “Creative Christian Moments.” What an incredible blessing and encouragement this is. Thanks, friend! 🙂

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  3. jthorn5656 says:

    My over 200 poems which many are of a religious nature may be found at Go there and press on MY POEMS. Another screen will appear. Type in name of jthorn5656 and password of soldierboy all one word and in small letters and let me know what you think of my poems. James Thomas Horn on vestry board of St. James Episcopal and am on Meals on Wheels related committee in Shallotte, NC.

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