Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Novel That Fights Human Trafficking


Help me fund my novel project to fight human trafficking

Thank you for taking the time to review my campaign page. I am a Christian author and blogger named Barry Irwin Brophy inviting you to help combat human trafficking through fiction. The project I am requesting funds for is to publish a novel I have written called A Woman’s Choice that follows the broken life of a rescued human trafficked victim named Katrina originally taken from Albania. Since her captivity, she has fallen into a life of drug addiction and promiscuity leading her to homelessness and a crude job as a bikini barista to fuel her addiction. She discovers she is pregnant and must decide whether to keep or terminate the pregnancy. Her choice in this matter begins a search for the meaning of life and what role Christianity plays in understanding the purpose of life and suffering. Throughout the novel I expose the methods of human trafficking experienced by rescued victims as well as address topics of abortion, sexual immorality, poverty, and drug addiction.

Half of all the profits made from my novel will be donated to The Defenders Foundation and The Genesis Project to fight local human trafficking. The story of my novel, opinions, and experiences of the characters in my novel do not necessarily reflect the mission and values of The Defenders Foundation or The Genesis Project.

What do your contributions pay for?
Your contributions will pay for a publishing package from a self-publishing book company that will copy edit my novel, publish the final copy in paperback, hard copy, and ebook formats, copyright registration, a press release, and video trailer. The press release and video trailer will be marketed to journalists and newspapers across the nation.

What happens to any extra funds that are contributed to this project if they surpass the original goal?
These excess funds will be donated to The Defenders Foundation and The Genesis Project.

What happens to the funds that are contributed to this project if the goal is not met?
The funds will be set aside until I am able to generate my goal of $7000. Indiegogo will take 9% of the funds as a fee. Because I cannot guarantee the availability of hard copies and paperback copies of my novel, under this scenario, all contributors will receive an audio copy of The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle. Any hard copies or paperback copies that are available will be sent to the top contributors in descending order until there are no more copies to left to distribute.

How will I receive a copy of the novel if I am one of the top Level 2 or Level 3 contributors?
I ask that you leave me your mailing address, email, and phone number so I can contact you. Once the novel is released, I will mail a copy of the book to you. If you do not provide your mailing address, your book will go to the next contributor. In the case of a tie of donations between contributors, the contributor, who donated the earliest, will receive their book before the other contributor and the count will resume in descending order until all books are distributed.

How will I receive an audio copy of your novel The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle?
I will send one or more emails through my personal account with audio files by which you can download. You will need to leave me your email address when you donate so I can do this otherwise you will not receive the audio files.

Other ways to support me if you cannot contribute any funds.
Prayer is always welcomed and encouraged! You can follow me on one or more of my social media pages through Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo, or LinkedIn. If you are a Christian artist, send me a message through one of my social media pages and I will promote you through my Creative Christian Moments blog. You can also volunteer with The Defenders Foundation, The Genesis Project, or any other organization fighting human trafficking. Above all else, become part of the movement to end human trafficking around the world.

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