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Blog Article 14: Review of author and blogger Amanda Beth

There is a unique Christian calling echoing across the world created by the accelerates rise of personal technology and social media platforms. Social media has connected the world and it has become commonplace for ministries to interconnect across ethnicities, denominations, and countries. Like many of the changes in digital media occurring, changes are also taking place in ministry, too. God has awakened a multitude of women to herald callings that were once held solely by men. God is raising up women, through supernatural circumstances, to fill the need of Biblical teachers absent from the church across the nation and into international countries in which the Gospel is prohibited through the use of technology. Of such anointed woman of God is Amanda Beth.

It is a great privilege to review one such powerfully efficacious woman of God, self-published Christian author and blogger Amanda Beth. I was led to the writings of Beth through LinkedIn and felt the anointing upon her life blanket my thoughts with her calling to herald the truths of Kingdom. In her own words, Beth states, “God rescued me twelve years ago from destroying my life, my marriage, and my family. I then spent the next eight years in the wilderness, as God had A LOT to work out of me. Those years weren’t easy, and at times I thought I was better off before, but I eventually saw the amazing work God was doing in me, my marriage, and my family.” (Beth, 2014a, n.p.).

On her website, Beth states that she began sharing her own personal testimony in home led Bible studies and then felt a strong call to share her testimony in a book. Six months past and then Beth was prompted to start a blog series of devotionals. With each new genesis of writing and sharing of her experiences, God gave Beth a book to share with the world. “Since I started writing, God has opened many doors for me to share the gospel of Christ” (Beth, 2014a, n.p.). It is Beth’s simple obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit that has opened door after door in her ministry journey to share what God has given her.

Being an author and blogger myself, it is encouraging to read the works of other Christians and watch how God has raised them up to accomplish great feats in ministry. This encouragement was only further enhanced as I read a few devotionals from Beth’s personal blog Sharing the Truths Behind the TRUTH and her other blogs in which she is a guest contributor at ChristianBlessings published by ptl2010 and Middle East Peace Update Report published by Stephan McCarroll. In her personal blog, Beth was currently finishing a devotional series that takes the reader through the Book of Romans. Each personal blog discusses a chapter of a book of the Bible with Beth analyzing each verse and presenting the reader with an understanding of the material. I personally read her Romans 15 entry in which Paul encourages the Christians in Rome, defends his faith in Christ, and explains his plans to visit them soon. Beth’s analysis and careful study of he passage provides the reader with a quick and insightful commentary of the Biblical passage in which they can turn to for an explanation of the context of Scripture for that time period.

Armor of Light (2013) is a seven-week devotional series on the armor of God described in Ephesians 6:14-18. Beth begins each chapter with a description of verses being discussed and prayer.  I enjoyed reading about each piece of armor as this passage in Scripture is one of my favorites.

The LOVE Walk, published in 2012, is a summarized as a fifteen week devotional focusing on the different aspects of love described in 1st Corinthians 13:4-8. Beth uses personal stories reinforced with Biblical passages to describe her triumphs and her failures in learning to walk in the love of Christ. From reviewing this book and her other published books, it is encouraging to see that Beth values Biblical examination and prayer challenging the reader to let the Holy Spirit teach the readers, too.

Perfectionism is physically, emotionally, and spiritually damning to any family and Beth addresses this problem in her 2011 book entitled You Can Have a Happy Family. Beth’s book addresses many of the emotional problems expressed by women in struggling marriages as well as unspoken emotions experienced by struggling men. Beth’s book gives gives hope to the readers that through the prayers of perseverance, God will turn the most prodigal of hearts of family and friends towards the illuminating knowledge and acceptance of the Gospel message.

Ultimately, her personal blogs and her published books reveal the wisdom God has instilled in Beth as she desires to pass this knowledge onto others in similar situations. I personally do not use devotionals in my Biblical studies but Beth’s plethora of wisdom has challenged me to change my behavior because of the fruit gleaned through her published experiences. Throughout all of her writings, Beth’s narratives possess a theme evident in everything she writes: to use her experiences with faith to help others. I admire her humble nature in this calling and look forward to future works God has placed in her heart to write about. She is a prophetic writer walking in the anointing of Deborah to answer the cries of society to be free from captivity.

You can support Beth through prayer, connecting with her through social media, following her blogs, and purchasing her books. May fruit continue to blossom as a sign to the believer that God is with Beth in everything she writes and speaks to us.

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