Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 12: A Review of Karla Bauer and her CD “Totally Gone”

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Blog Article 11: Review of Karla Bauer and her CD Totally Gone

Breaking into any Christian artist genre can seem like a momentous uphill mountain filled with deep valleys of disappointment, especially for the independent artist. Culture has saturated independents with a sickening stigma of illegitimacy and false unprofessionalism. Independent artists are transformational and often directed with currents of change with their additions to the mainstream media, especially Christian musicians. One of my favorite topics to write about are independent Christian musicians because they possess such an authenticity to their music driven by their desire to glorify Christ as illustrated in 1st Corinthians 10:31. They are not swayed by the entrapments of fame or fortune but focus their attention to God as their sole audience. There is such a change occurring in the music that is returning Christians to the lost art of declaring honest worship songs that teach Christian principles to the listener. Karla Bauer is one of these independent Christian musicians God has raised up to shatter the glass ceilings of societal expectations and conformity.

“I don’t do this for the money,” states Bauer as she reiterates the new breed of Christian musician emerging. Like many independents, Bauer works a day job (in local IT at a tech company) to fund her musical aspirations. The advantage of being and independent is that Bauer can call the shots of everything about her music to the songs she releases, her public image, managing social media, and dictating what shows she will do. Bauer also acknowledges one of the many struggles of being an independent Christian artist is that she fully funds her talent, which can accrue exhausting personal expenses. But God provides as illustrated in Philippians 4:19 for all our needs. Bauer’s music gives us hope because she has demonstrated that independent artists can rise through the ranks by obeying the direction of the Holy Spirit and trusting in the promises He has spoken over all of us. God truly gives grace to the humble as promised in James 4:6.

Before reviewing her latest CD, I listened to many of her songs from her previous CDs When Your Eyes Open (2007) and Hope is Alive (2010). My favorite track thus far was “He Died for Me.” “He Died for Me” echoes Bauer’s personal discovery of the Christian faith and understanding the sacrifices Jesus Christ paid for humanity. What struck me the most in this song was Bauer’s acknowledgement that she knew about Jesus Christ but never knew Him personally, which reflects an all too common paradox with Americans and Christianity.

On March 15th, 2013, Bauer released her third CD entitled Totally Gone in which I will review two of her songs. Bauer describes her music as a synergy of “mellow blues and organic pop” and reminds me of the (Bauer, 2013a, n.p.). My two favorite songs on the album were “Let it Rain” and “Totally Gone.” “Let it Rain” offers the listener the smooth snarling twangs of southern blues guitar while depicting the journey of a flawed character overcoming the deep valleys of life. It stirred in me the story of the Prodigal’s son from Luke 15:11-32 and what the prodigal must have processed emotionally as he recognized the repercussions of his actions and then returned home to his father. “Totally Gone” is a personal song about recognizing human frailty and desiring the freeing peace of God. Bauer narrates the emotional process of releasing personal issues to God and desiring “the peace that can set me free and really let go” and “be totally gone” (Karla Bauer, 2013, n.p.).

Bauer has performed in many churches across this nation, sung the National Anthem for the Kansas City Royals baseball team, and even been featured in a movie entitled Bad Neighborhood as the character Julie (Bauer, 2013a). Reach out to Bauer through one of her many social networks and glean the wisdom from her success. You can support Bauer through prayer, hosting a concert, purchasing her music, and connecting with her through social media. Bauer is the revelatory encompassment of the promises of success as an independent Christian artist when one follows the calling God has placed on your life.

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