Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 11: Gosepl Artist JCee


Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community.”

Blog Article 11: Gospel Artist JCee

For a long time, I’ve been waiting for a Christian artist to arise that can blend the prophetic truths of Christian spiritual warfare in support of paramount worship songs. I believe I had found this artist. Out of Portmore, Jamaica comes a Gospel reggae artist and rapper by the name JCee also known as Jermet Campbell. Since 2007, God has been raising up JCee’s musical ministry to penetrate the far reaches of the world. Her music is vibrant, authoritative, and emotionally thought provoking having even been featured with similar secular music as a testimony of Christ’s capacity to reach the world. Campbell’s music is a wide reflection of the Christian genre through her fusion of Gospel, reggae, and rap echoing the footsteps of other trailblazers such as Mandisa, Lecrae, Dillavou, and Suzy Rock. The tracks I will be reviewing come from her 2011 album Nah Something.

Campbell possesses a humility about her that even escapes the most popular Christian artists of our times. In her own words, Campbell describes her most important mission in her music as worshipping God and secondary, sharing this worship experience with others. “Anyone can praise God for what He has done but worshipping Him for who He is because of it brings me closer to God. It draws His presence. There’s so many things that happen in the atmosphere of worship that’s really where my heart is” (JCee Jermet, 2012, n.p.).

“Air I Breathe” is Campbell’s personal love song to God declaring how Jesus Christ set her free by loving her first in 1st John 4:19, filling her with overflowing joy in Romans 15:13, and being the very air she breathes as illustrated in Genesis 1. Her powerful vocals are anointed with these spiritual truths and one can feel the losing power of the Holy Spirit throughout the track. “Air I Breathe” is a compelling worship song that received a 2011 Best Gospel Video nomination while the song won the 2011 Best Gospel Oriented Song in the International Reggae and World Music Awards.

“Nah Fi Run” is an angelic anthem of overcoming life’s problems through the blood of Jesus Christ. Campbell declares prophetic declarations of the authority Christians have in Christ and the importance of the armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-18. “Plead the blood now, plead the blood now, make demons run now” is the common chorus that Campbell proclaims over her listeners brining healing, protection, and freedom as the blood of Christ is described as accomplishing throughout the New Testament. I found myself praying the blood of Christ over my family and friends throughout this song.

Campbell’s album is accompanied by a dedicated and talented group of people: Arriane, Tona, Melissa, and Stephen on supporting vocals, Tadmar on guitar, Marvin and Rayon on bass, Floyd of keyboard, and Andre on drums. Campbell also spends her time serving in youth ministry, deliverance ministry, and the performing arts ministry. You can support Campbell through prayer, hosting her in a worship service/concert, purchasing her music, and supporting her social media pages. Campbell can be contacted through the links below or contacting her manager Mark Campbell at (718) 594-1091 (international) or (876) 896-4058 (local).

JCee’s Pages:
Press Kit:!calendar

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