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sonrise chapel

Name: Imaginate
Location: Sonrise Chapel
11625 Airport Rd
Everett, WA 98204
Date/Time: November 3rd, 8pm
December 1st, 8pm
Misc. information: Collaborative Christian artist event involving poetry, music, and painting.

The Studio

Name: The Studio
Location: The Lounge in Building B
Mill Creek Foursquare Church
1415 164th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98087
Date/Time: Saturday, November 9, 6:30 – 9pm
Description: The Studio is a place for adults and teens to come together to experience the creative arts in community. If you consider yourself creative, or if you have always wanted to try your hand at the arts, you will find yourself in good company here.

We believe that God, the original Creator, has placed a bit of His creativity in all of us, and we would love to help you discover and develop your gifts. We provide resources, encouragement and mentorship for painters, poets, writers, songwriters, musicians and more. Drop in and have the option of experimenting on your own, or participating in informal workshops and break-out sessions led by established artists.

We are located at Mill Creek Foursquare Church and we generally meet twice a month (see our schedule below). The following materials are available for use – onsite piano, notebooks, canvases, paints, brushes and drawing materials (donations are accepted). You may also bring your own materials and/or instruments. For more info, or to learn how you can get involved, email us at

Contemporary Christian Music

Name: Jessi McNeal
Location: Metronome Coffee
3518 6th Ave #101
Tacoma, WA 98406
Date/Time: November 10, 6pm
Misc. information: FREE admission

Christian Rap

Name: Barnabas
Location: Calvary Fellowship
23302 56th Ave W
Mountlake Terrace WA 98043
Date/Time: October 23rd at 7pm
Misc. information: N/A


Creative Christian Moments Special Event: Imaginate

Creative Christian Moments Special Event: Imaginate

“God awakening the artistic talents of His people in Everett, WA.”

The American Church has fallen asleep to the potential God has placed in us, especially in the arts. As Christians have slumbered, we have become numb to the sin and pain around us in society often depicted in the plethora of media sewage. Pain, suffering, and misery have become normalcy as portrayed through the broken states of characters in movies/television, lucrative and deceptive lyrics of musicians, and the dark genres of stories place upon the pedestal of popularity. The devil reigns king in our media spheres but a light has been seen upon the horizon to drive out the darkness: Christ’s truths incorporated into every artistic area fathomable. Across the state, ministries are arising to elevate unknown Christian artists, anointed by God, to bring the Kingdom through the talents He has imparted in them. I had the humbled privilege of participating in one such night as this at Sonrise Chapel in Everett, Washington called Imaginate.

Previously, I wrote about Hammer’s poetic talents in Creative Christian Moments Blog Article 3 which you can reference under the Creative Christian Moments blog. Though Sonrise Chapel has a history of allowing God to move through the arts during church services, conferences, and worship nights, Hammer explained that they were starting a new platform specifically to share the artistic talents of Christians. Hours before, Hammer had preached a captivating message of an awakening occurring over Everett and even more over the Seattle area echoing the Rhema words spoken from revivalist pastors of the centuries past. You could feel the Holy Spirit quaking in the building as the momentum of the impossible could be anticipated.

Hammer explained that the purpose of starting the Imaginate night was to give artists a platform to be stirred up in their gifts no matter if they were just starting out or had vast experience in their talent. The purpose was to give these people a chance to share their talent because many of them had not been given the chance to by critical world nullified and consumed by the broken sin of perfectionism. The world no longer took risks with new talent as society has been subjected to recycled artists skewing their talents for personal gain and sinful pleasures. Hammer cited Exodus 35 about the men who were gifted by God to use their talents to create the tabernacle as an example about how God has crafted humanity with the arts to illustrate His majesty. Imaginate would be a “safe place to take risks!”

Chris Smith began the night by sharing an untitled poem about describing the constant presence of God in Christian experience. God is described as a loving Father throughout one’s life through positive and negative experiences. Smith’s words continued to encourage the audience to “have faith to ask for everything” which alluded to Matthew 7:7 which instructs the Christian to ask, seek, and knock in prayer for the meeting of needs while also alluding to Galatians 6:14 with “when you score a touchdown, He is the one you boast!” “God is the Creator, Innovator, and Architect!”

Jake Stalkfleet was second, following Smith, and presented a poetic piece entitled “Like Father Like Son.” Stalkfleet’s poetic narrative compared how Christians are sons and daughters of God just as is reflected with the relationship of God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. In his own words, Stalkfleet stated “a father does not shun his daughter and a father does not run from his son” to address the broken view of God held by many people whom project their broken relationships with their own father’s as God’s way of viewing us. Stalkfleet exhorted the audience about the reality of how “He has made you in His image” and “It is a glorious thing to be one with the King, one with the King.”

Michael Lee was another surprised artist to share his talent of yoyo ministry as he had been invited to the event at the last minute by Hammer. Lee worked for the Duncan Yoyo Company and was able to travel across the country and minister to children in public schools. Throughout the video, Lee explains how he discovered God through illustrating his testimony through various yoyo tricks such as Cat’s Cradle, Around the World, and many other depictions. Lee closes with a humble position that God uses simplicity to share the Gospel across the world even through the use of a simple yoyo. Lee ended with a reflective remark that “His creativity [God’s] is not limited to what He can do behind a microphone.”


Kevin Johnson is referred to what is known as a chronological prophetic painter meaning that as a Christian worship service is conducted, he is able to paint what is occurring in the invisible spiritual atmosphere. Johnson shared with us a painting entitled “Power in the Blood.” While attending a worship service with Jake Hamilton, Johnson felt the presence of God stir him to melt a red crayon throughout his painting at first. As he progressed, he drew the Holy Spirit and the blood of Christ. Eventually, the painting flourished and became a tree while the words “power in the blood” came to him. Just as he was finishing his painting, Hamilton transitioned into the worship song of “Power in the Blood.” Both men were astonished at how this had transpired as Johnson was unaware of Hamilton’s music set for the night and Hamilton was unaware that Johnson would paint this picture right as he transitioned into the song. This type of experience is very common with prophetic painting as artists are intentional about not knowing the themes for the night to confirm the move of God’s presence. Johnson’s two elementary aged daughters also shared pictures, a song, and a dance with the group in great boldness illustrating the inclusive nature of this event.

Savannah Boyle is another poet who shared a riveting piece about how Christians carry the conflagration flames of the Lord into whatever place they go. Boyle’s poem touched on the authoritative power of the flames of God often depicted in the Old Testament and the New Testament. “We are called oaks of righteousness with firm roots” added Boyle which echoed Isaiah 61:1-3 while also encouraging the audience that Christians “no longer rely on the dirt to bring us life” describing the filth of one’s life before having met Christ.

One word to describe Beth Ashkey’s song “Nowhere to Run”: wow! Ashkey’s melodies are haunting to the soul as she declares the inevitable reality that no one can run, hide, or escape from the love of God. Ashkey’s song identified our need to be rescued from ourselves as best depicted in 1st John 4:7-21 describing the frailty of humanity and the absolution one can only obtain through the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through the lyrics “come and save me from me so You’re all I can see. You are all I need.” As I listened to Ashkey’s performance, I asked myself where are the Christian record companies and why are they not frequenting events like Imaginate, The Studio at Mill Creek Foursquare Church, or other events within the Puget Sound area? These artists were honest about their work, humble, and desired nothing more than to encourage the listeners with the simple artistic hobbies God had gifted them with. I would argue that they could reach more people than some of the most popular artists of our time because these individuals carried a humility to serve their audiences. Why pay for an overpriced event by artists intoxicated with their own prosperity, pleasures, and deification when you could attend one of these events for FREE?

Hammer presented a new poem entitled “Survival Guide Book” in which he uses figurative language to discuss how humanity has pendulum tendency to only seek out faith and God in times of personal crisis. “Survival Guide Book’s” narrative reflects the intentionality pacify humanity has towards seeking the knowledge of God. One of Hammer’s lines was “I didn’t want the truth, I just needed some comforting lies. At least I can be in denial until I die” which made me reflect about during our times of crisis, humanity becomes drunk on denial and an out-of-sight-out-of- mind complex to numb the reality of facing the chaotic problem. Hammer then alludes and closes with a final thought of our own mortality and to accept the Gospel message of Christ while there is still time. “So my last words as I’m drowning are this: face the truth while it can still hurt you before it’s too late to face the day of your destruction without being well read on your redemption.”

Overall, the themes for Imaginate were awakening and how to continue to use the gifts that God has given you to bring glory to His name. No matter how many times someone says you’re not good at something, God can raise you up to accomplish the impossible because God is the God of the impossible. The Bible is full of stories in both the Old Testament and the New Testament in which God chooses to use characters without formal training, societal status, wealth, and moral character to accomplish greatness. God is concerned with the heart of an individual and if your heart is to glorify God through your talents, He will raise you up to places you cannot even fathom.

Hammer has stated that Imaginate will become a regular event for Christian artists once a month. Check out my Events section for future dates or contact Hammer through Facebook, his website, or the church’s website to find out more. To find more works to sample by our artists or to contact them about their works, visit the related links section below.

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Imaginate. By Sonrise Chapel. Directed by John Hammer. West Entrance Lobby, Everett, WA, October 6, 2013.

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Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 11: Gosepl Artist JCee


Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community.”

Blog Article 11: Gospel Artist JCee

For a long time, I’ve been waiting for a Christian artist to arise that can blend the prophetic truths of Christian spiritual warfare in support of paramount worship songs. I believe I had found this artist. Out of Portmore, Jamaica comes a Gospel reggae artist and rapper by the name JCee also known as Jermet Campbell. Since 2007, God has been raising up JCee’s musical ministry to penetrate the far reaches of the world. Her music is vibrant, authoritative, and emotionally thought provoking having even been featured with similar secular music as a testimony of Christ’s capacity to reach the world. Campbell’s music is a wide reflection of the Christian genre through her fusion of Gospel, reggae, and rap echoing the footsteps of other trailblazers such as Mandisa, Lecrae, Dillavou, and Suzy Rock. The tracks I will be reviewing come from her 2011 album Nah Something.

Campbell possesses a humility about her that even escapes the most popular Christian artists of our times. In her own words, Campbell describes her most important mission in her music as worshipping God and secondary, sharing this worship experience with others. “Anyone can praise God for what He has done but worshipping Him for who He is because of it brings me closer to God. It draws His presence. There’s so many things that happen in the atmosphere of worship that’s really where my heart is” (JCee Jermet, 2012, n.p.).

“Air I Breathe” is Campbell’s personal love song to God declaring how Jesus Christ set her free by loving her first in 1st John 4:19, filling her with overflowing joy in Romans 15:13, and being the very air she breathes as illustrated in Genesis 1. Her powerful vocals are anointed with these spiritual truths and one can feel the losing power of the Holy Spirit throughout the track. “Air I Breathe” is a compelling worship song that received a 2011 Best Gospel Video nomination while the song won the 2011 Best Gospel Oriented Song in the International Reggae and World Music Awards.

“Nah Fi Run” is an angelic anthem of overcoming life’s problems through the blood of Jesus Christ. Campbell declares prophetic declarations of the authority Christians have in Christ and the importance of the armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-18. “Plead the blood now, plead the blood now, make demons run now” is the common chorus that Campbell proclaims over her listeners brining healing, protection, and freedom as the blood of Christ is described as accomplishing throughout the New Testament. I found myself praying the blood of Christ over my family and friends throughout this song.

Campbell’s album is accompanied by a dedicated and talented group of people: Arriane, Tona, Melissa, and Stephen on supporting vocals, Tadmar on guitar, Marvin and Rayon on bass, Floyd of keyboard, and Andre on drums. Campbell also spends her time serving in youth ministry, deliverance ministry, and the performing arts ministry. You can support Campbell through prayer, hosting her in a worship service/concert, purchasing her music, and supporting her social media pages. Campbell can be contacted through the links below or contacting her manager Mark Campbell at (718) 594-1091 (international) or (876) 896-4058 (local).

JCee’s Pages:
Press Kit:!calendar

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