Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 10: Director, Producer, and Author James Leesley of Leesley Films

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Blog Article 10: Director, Producer, and Author James Leesley of Leesley Films

Hollywood has sold its soul for the sake of pursuing profit and pushing immoral progressive ideas onto their audience. Talent has evaporated and the audience has been left with regurgitated remakes, pretentious prequels, and shoddy sequels. Originality has vanished while post modernism is pushed constantly into the minds of the viewers as the absolute truth holding society together. In the midst of this barren waste land of cinema, Christian films have slowly gained the momentum of becoming mainstream genres across the nation. Personally, I enjoy well written and gorgeous cinematic independent movies and get even more excited when they are from Christians. Like all great titans of the film industry, many directors, producers, and writers begin their cinematic journeys through the publication of independent films. One such person striving to make his entrance into this field is director, producer, and author James Leesley of Leesley Films.

Leesley and I first met in a LinkedIn discussion blog about supporting Christian movies from independent directors and the process of gathering support from such showings. Much of the discussion centered on the frustration of the Christian community not backing projects that demonstrate the Gospel in application. Given the progressing darkness growing in movies and television, I recommend all Christians to support their fellow brothers and sisters trying to preach the Gospel through this medium. Leesley Films has produced one published movie called Maddy and is working on a second movie entitled Apparition. You can check out scenes and movie trailers from their website and YouTube page to support them in their endeavors to spread the Gospel.

Maddy, released in 2010, is a movie that examines the concept of regret, hurt, and pain that one can self-inflict through a traumatic event. Maddy’s family is killed and she blames herself for their deaths. She is driven into a life of homelessness but maintains the ability to help others as she wrestles with the discovery of a long lost brother and a progression towards faith in Jesus Christ.

Leesley’s current project, Apparition, is based on the examination of the invisible spiritual world of good and evil. The main character, Marcus, purchases a home and discovers at hat in the basement of his property that allows him to see and hear the demonic after attending a church service. Apparition delves into questions regarding the Christian perspective of good and evil and how much the demonic impacts the common daily interactions humanity experiences.

Leesley Films is a conglomeration of authors, musicians, producers, and directors with a passion for the pursuit of birthing meaningful Christian films. They are located in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. You can support Leesley and his film company through prayer, donating to his movie projects, partnering with him for local film projects, and connecting with him through social media.

James Leesley’s Pages
Official Website:

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OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR THE UPCOMING CHRISTIAN MOVIE “APPARITION”, YouTube video, 2:41, posted by James Leesley, October 31, 2012,


4 thoughts on “Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 10: Director, Producer, and Author James Leesley of Leesley Films

  1. Truly enjoyed reading this post. When is your next one developing?

  2. Nichole Fischbach says:

    Afternoon! I just wanted to express great enjoyment in the trailor of abaritioner. Fred rasch is here with us at access ministry and we were able to see it. I must confess that I was disappointed that it is not available in stores as I’d love to watch it with my family. Anyways be encouraged and keep your eyes on the prize of Jesus Christ.

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