Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 9: Author and Poet Tshombye K. Ware

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Blog Article 9: Author and Poet Tshombye K. Ware

In the Parable of the Bags of Gold in Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus Christ describes how God increases the talents given to humanity for their obedience in using what they have already been entrusted with by God. Like the servants in this parable, author, poet, and musician Tshombye K. Ware has taken his writings of gold and multiplied its value amongst many Christian genres: music, poetry, blogs, and fiction.

Ware’s poetic and writing skills have produce a plethora of works like his CD release L.O.C. (The Love of Christ), publication of five books of fiction and poetry, and his encouraging words in his WordPress blogs. Multiple times throughout his many social media sites, Ware has stated he uses his writings to minister to the body, soul, and mind of the reader.

Ware and I first met on LinkedIn and I learned more about him and his work through a series of LinkedIn messages, emails, and following his blog. Being a self-published author myself, I know the challenges of entering the writing market dominated by bureaucratic publishers who hold monopolies on the market and hardly grant chances of the publication to the numerous pools of new talent. As I examined book summaries, trailers of his publications, and read his blogs, Ware demonstrated that he is amongst the new generation of prophetic writers that will use the muses of writing to exhilarate others. With such a calling, Ware also possesses a humility best depicted in his own words of why he writes.

“I don’t want to be someone that writes to write. I want to be that person who helped and encouraged others through his writing. I am only a vessel, seeking to inspire others as we live this life of faith…to live again” (Ware, 2013e, n.p.). Ware’s words echo the callings of this new generation of underground writers: regardless of prestige or payoff, God is raising up prophetic writers to share the Gospel message through poetry and fiction.

His most recent novel, Web of Allure, follows the character of Jake Ross, a successful shareholder at a large firm, who lets a work place relationship damage his relationship with his wife Jennifer. As a result, both are drawn away from their faith and must overcome personal and family adversity to correct the matter. As Jake and Jennifer progress through this story they discover this toxicity spreads deeper and deeper beyond their own family.

Ware regularly writes inspirational and encouraging messages in his blog entitled Dawriter’s Blog on WordPress. “Plethora of Inspiration” describes how humanity has been destined with spiritual gifts from God and that the resolution of such gifts is to release others from the chains of darkness governing this world. “STAND in Confidence but Posed with Humbleness” discusses the subject of confidence and how to remain in this position without being compromised by arrogance, ego, and pride.

Ware is currently a resident of Troy, Alabama and the Presidential Assistant of Poetry in Motion, an organization that uses poetry as an outreach tool for the Gospel message. You can support Ware through prayer, purchasing one of his books through or Barnes and Noble, following his WordPress blog, scheduling him for book signing and discussion events, and connecting with him on LinkedIn.  May the fiery Rhema and Logos words of revelation continue to consume his writings with the transformational power of the Holy Spirit.

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