Creative Christiam Moments – Blog Article 7: Natalie Nicholson de Lozano and Studio Del Creador


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Blog Article 7: Natalie Nicholson de Lozano and Studio Del Creador

¡Dios se está moviendo con poder en Tecate, Mexico! God is moving in Tecate, Mexico! Studio Del Creador is a Christian arts center in the town of Tecate, Mexico founded and run by Natalie Nicholson de Lozano. The studio provides free art and music opportunities to Mexican children who cannot afford such classes in school as they are often quite expensive. Studio Del Creador offers FREE classes involving drawing, painting, sewing, and music.

Nicholson de Lozano expresses that “because we are created in His image we have a little bit of creativity in us.” Like the first chapter of Genesis, Nicholson de Lozano expressed further how this concept trickles down into the foundation of this art ministry. Many people whom I have spoken with about their projects with Nicholson de Lozano explain that the children have such a hunger and desire to learn about art and learn about the Lord who cared enough about them to send people who would love them through these art projects.

Nicholson de Lozano comes across as soft spoken, gentle, and possessing a devout following of faith in Christ but also possesses the leadership anointing of God like such great Biblical characters as Deborah in Judges 4 or Esther in the Book of Esther.

God’s supernatural hand has been mighty in moving with the impact of this ministry. During a ministry conference, Nicholson de Lozano shared how God had healed a man in a wheel chair who had been coming to their studio for a couple months. She reiterated that as the man had been healed, an earthquake occurred that made the international news because of the devastation it had caused in Mexico City. I remembered this story of the March 20th, 2012 earthquake as I had read the article about it on MSNBC and watched the coverage during my lunch break on CNN.  Coincidence? I think not. Other stories of the Bible are also associated with earthquakes when the Holy Spirit moves in power such as Jesus Christ’s completion of the crucifixion in Matthew 27:51-54, Christ’s resurrection in Matthew 28:2, baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts 4, and Paul and Silas being supernaturally released from prison in Acts 16:26.

Nicholson de Lozano also told a story of how she was able to minister to a woman late at night through the leading of the Holy Spirit. She had been driving home late from the studio and in the dark where the notorious drug cartels were regularly active in kidnappings and murders of citizens. She met a woman just randomly wandering the road, was able to give her a ride, and share the Gospel with her. Nicholson de Lozano has many other countless stories of supplies being needed for operating the facility and people just giving them to her without her asking. Simple obedience to the impressions of the Holy Spirit led her into circumstance after circumstance in which needs were met. God is our supplier and Nicholson de Lozano has testified about this truth!!!

Keep Nicholson de Lozano in your prayers as she ministers by the power of God in this region. You can contact her through one the links below if you would like to donate to studio, host an art event, or partner with the studio.

Studio Del Creador Pages:
Official Website:
Spend for Others:

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