Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 3: The Spoken Word: A review of Christian poet John Hammer.

John Hammer

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Blog Article 3: The Spoken Word: A review of Christian poet John Hammer.

Out of Sonrise Chapel in Everett, WA, comes a poet by the name of John Hammer. I first met Hammer through a mutual ministry friend who invited me to a multidenominational conference hosted through Sonrise Chapel. Hammer leads the Junior High and Evangelism teams with his wife Grace.

One of Hammer’s ministry techniques he uses involves poetry videos called The Spoken Word. He currently has three videos on YouTube entitled “The Father Hunger Games”, “Letter to a Predator” and “Like a Tidal Wave”. Hammer speaks true to his name by hammering home the lack of need for Christ in this generation. He calls out barbarically broken homes, absences of parents in their children’s lives, and how society has sold the souls of this generation into chaos. His use of didactic and dramatic poetry grips listeners through a synergy of assonance, alliteration, and allusion.

“The Father Hunger Games” is an emotional alarm to society sharing the desperation of the human condition as depicted through the glorification of sin in the media. His allegorical poem describes the fallen condition of humanity reflecting a self-imposed Hunger Games tournament through the usage of plays on words of popular reality shows. Ultimately, “The Father Hunger Games” is a call to a generation needing God fearing parents to love them and lead.

“Letter to a Predator” is a self-reflection of his own battle with lust and pornography and the freedom he found in Christ while wrestling with his own flesh as stated in Romans 7. As complication builds through the narrative poem, Hammer’s denouement follows his discovery of the overcoming power of Christ to break addiction while also describing Biblical sexual integrity for men and women.

“Like a Tidal Wave” floods the listener with a reminder of the authority Christ has given Christians to trample upon the problems plaguing their lives. Hammer’s message engulfs the listener in a summarized sea of Christ’s sacrifice and authority through the Gospel message. Like a tidal wave, Hammer ends this allegorical poem with the promise that this generation will arise and consume the major spheres of influence for the glory of God.

If you’re in the Everett, WA area drop by Sonrise Chapel and you may be privilege to witness God’s mighty ministry movement through John Hammer. Keep this man and his family in your prayers!

John Hammer Pages:

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Hammer, John. Portrait. 2013.

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The Spoken Word: Like a Tidal Wave, YouTube video, 2:14, posted by John Hammer, May 16, 2012,

The Spoken Word: The Father Hunger Games, YouTube video, 2:53, posted by John Hammer, January 31, 2013,


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