The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle

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The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle

Below is the summation of a novel I published in 2012 entitled The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle about a burnt out pastor seeking to find his purpose in Christian ministry. Check out some of my page links for more information.

The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle centers around a young pastor named James Reese in the Seattle area. Reese is frustrated with ministry and has given up on his ability to minister to his congregation through constant monetary and social problems. Since his years at the ministry, Reese has witnessed members fight over petty arguments, not keep commitments, criticize each other, no longer pray, no longer share the Gospel, and ultimately not reflect Christian values in their interactions towards one another; furthermore, the church is also going bankrupt. Reese has gone weeks without a paycheck. This is every pastor’s worst nightmare.

Reese is given one year to turn his ministry around and start producing results or the denomination leadership will close his church doors forever. As he begins to seek answers as to why his ministry is failing, Reese is given a repeating dream from an unknown source. Throughout the novel Reese tries to figure out how to change his church problems while examining the values of the American church.

With time ticking away, Reese has questions, doubt in himself and God, and struggles towards the question of what does an effective ministry look like and what his role may be in it. As Reese lets his ideas of a successful church model go, he begins to engage in supernatural ministry in the most unusual and unlikely of places in Seattle.

You can pick up a copy in paperback or ebook formats at, Barnes and Noble, or Books a Million. You can also preview some excerpts from the novel on Google Books, too. If you would like to get in contact with me, please message me on one of my social media sites or leave a comment below.

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