Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 2: Iziah Dawn “Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn” Review

iziah dawn

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Blog Article 2: Iziah Dawn “Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn” Review

In 2nd Kings Chapter 22, the author details the life of Josiah: a young king anointed with the authority of God to help turn back the nation of Israel to God. Like Josiah, Iziah Dawn has been granted this same anointing through the Christian hip-hop music he writes to lead a broken generation back to Christ. I was privileged and experienced a paradigm shift caused by the skill this young rapper possesses by driving spiritually deep rooted lyrics into the hearts of his listeners by watching his music video “Far Away Remix”.

Dawn’s music video, “Far Away Remix” addresses the philosophical battle within humanity about God’s ability to understand our pain and to know that we even exist in times of such chaos. Every time I watched his music video, I felt as though I was transported to a past decade of music when music television played gifted artists’ music with messages about hope, change, love, and redemption. Having just graduated high school, Dawn’s music echoes the professionalism of artists whom have been mainstream for five to ten years.

Like his song entitled “Two Words on My Mind”, the two words on his mind are always Jesus Christ involving glorifying His name and spreading the Gospel message through rap. Dawn’s commitment to walking his calling in Christ is demonstrated by his FREE distribution of his album “Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn” which consists of seven songs entitled “Welcome to the Family”, “Far Away”, “Two Words on My Mind”, “Home”, “Inheritance”, “I’m Good”, and “Like Father Like Son” on his official website. Share this music with as many people as you know! Follow Iziah Dawn on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and ReverbNation. Support him through prayer and scheduling him for shows to outreach to the youth. Prepare for the revival this man of God wields that is societally transforming like the patriarchs of the past!

Iziah Dawn Pages:
Official Website:

Dawn, Iziah. Portrait. 2012.
Iziah Dawn, Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn, with Advocate, Brian Herrick, and Jenny Norlin, Elliott Bay Recording, 2012, MP3.



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