Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 4: Sherry Muchira “All Things New” Review

Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community.”

Blog Article 4: Sherry Muchira “All Things New” Review

Very rarely do I encounter an album bordering musical perfection in which our mortal worship reflects the divine but I believe I have found this captivating gem of musical brilliance in Sherry Muchira’s CD entitled All Things New. Released on January 19th 2013, All Things New is a gem amongst the commercialized contemporary Christian albums we have been bombarded with over the last five years.

I first had the privilege of experiencing a worship service led by Muchira during a multidenominational prayer and worship night at Mill Creek Foursquare Church in Lynnwood, WA. As a gifted pianist, these skills were paralleled with her angelic vocals that lead one into the spiritual throne room of God with every song she sung. Her anointing was obvious for this role as every song she proclaimed produced pulsating bursts of the Holy Spirit. I could feel the clouded presence of the Lord, often described in the Old Testament, consume the sanctuary.

All Things New is a worship music experience in which the pattern of weaving theological declarations, like the hymns of the past, are then synergized with contemporary Christian music of today. Her music is a refreshing experience of speaking God’s Biblical Truths sometimes absent in modern Christian music. Muchira’s musical perfection is enhanced by the equally echoing guitar chords of Sean Gasperetti, shadowed yet foundational bass playing of David Sproul, and the thunderous drumming of her husband Tim Muchira. Her songs are honest, relative, raw, and describe the mountain top experiences as well as the dark valleys of the Christian experience through a reflection of her own triumphs and struggles in knowing God deeper. I could not pick three personal favorites on this album as they were all equally exquisite in their own unique ways but the songs that did strike my heart the most were “Home” and “Peace”.

“Home” is one of those wonderful worship songs that speak about pressing on in prayer and waging spiritual warfare in the midst of personal self struggles and slipping faith. As I prayed through this song I could feel the power of Christ’s intercession impart prayers of release for friends and family trapped in personal and spiritual bondages.

As I listened to “Peace”, I wept at the broken state of my own sinful tendencies. Muchira’s lyrics not only penetrated my heart but touched my soul with confrontation of my own inadequacies before God while also reconciling these failings with the healing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Muchira is a former band member of Lystra’s Silence and serves as a worship leader alongside her husband Tim Muchira in the worship band at Mill Creek Foursquare Church in Lynnwood, WA. This album was funded through crowd sourcing on by men and women desiring to worship God through the anointed leadership of Muchira. The renaissance in the Pacific Northwest is producing new sounds across multiple Christian music genres, so purchase a copy of her music on iTunes or and support her in prayer!

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Muchira, Sherry. All Things New Album Cover. 2013.
Muchira, Sherry. Portrait. 2013.
Sherry Muchira, All Things New, Self-Published, 2013, MP3.


Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 3: The Spoken Word: A review of Christian poet John Hammer.

John Hammer

Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community”

Blog Article 3: The Spoken Word: A review of Christian poet John Hammer.

Out of Sonrise Chapel in Everett, WA, comes a poet by the name of John Hammer. I first met Hammer through a mutual ministry friend who invited me to a multidenominational conference hosted through Sonrise Chapel. Hammer leads the Junior High and Evangelism teams with his wife Grace.

One of Hammer’s ministry techniques he uses involves poetry videos called The Spoken Word. He currently has three videos on YouTube entitled “The Father Hunger Games”, “Letter to a Predator” and “Like a Tidal Wave”. Hammer speaks true to his name by hammering home the lack of need for Christ in this generation. He calls out barbarically broken homes, absences of parents in their children’s lives, and how society has sold the souls of this generation into chaos. His use of didactic and dramatic poetry grips listeners through a synergy of assonance, alliteration, and allusion.

“The Father Hunger Games” is an emotional alarm to society sharing the desperation of the human condition as depicted through the glorification of sin in the media. His allegorical poem describes the fallen condition of humanity reflecting a self-imposed Hunger Games tournament through the usage of plays on words of popular reality shows. Ultimately, “The Father Hunger Games” is a call to a generation needing God fearing parents to love them and lead.

“Letter to a Predator” is a self-reflection of his own battle with lust and pornography and the freedom he found in Christ while wrestling with his own flesh as stated in Romans 7. As complication builds through the narrative poem, Hammer’s denouement follows his discovery of the overcoming power of Christ to break addiction while also describing Biblical sexual integrity for men and women.

“Like a Tidal Wave” floods the listener with a reminder of the authority Christ has given Christians to trample upon the problems plaguing their lives. Hammer’s message engulfs the listener in a summarized sea of Christ’s sacrifice and authority through the Gospel message. Like a tidal wave, Hammer ends this allegorical poem with the promise that this generation will arise and consume the major spheres of influence for the glory of God.

If you’re in the Everett, WA area drop by Sonrise Chapel and you may be privilege to witness God’s mighty ministry movement through John Hammer. Keep this man and his family in your prayers!

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Hammer, John. Portrait. 2013.

The Spoken Word: Letter to a Predator, YouTube video, 5:48, posted by John Hammer, September 10, 2012,–P6s

The Spoken Word: Like a Tidal Wave, YouTube video, 2:14, posted by John Hammer, May 16, 2012,

The Spoken Word: The Father Hunger Games, YouTube video, 2:53, posted by John Hammer, January 31, 2013,

The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle

Currently undergoing revision.

TWAFTOS book cover 1

The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle

Below is the summation of a novel I published in 2012 entitled The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle about a burnt out pastor seeking to find his purpose in Christian ministry. Check out some of my page links for more information.

The Weak and Foolish Things of Seattle centers around a young pastor named James Reese in the Seattle area. Reese is frustrated with ministry and has given up on his ability to minister to his congregation through constant monetary and social problems. Since his years at the ministry, Reese has witnessed members fight over petty arguments, not keep commitments, criticize each other, no longer pray, no longer share the Gospel, and ultimately not reflect Christian values in their interactions towards one another; furthermore, the church is also going bankrupt. Reese has gone weeks without a paycheck. This is every pastor’s worst nightmare.

Reese is given one year to turn his ministry around and start producing results or the denomination leadership will close his church doors forever. As he begins to seek answers as to why his ministry is failing, Reese is given a repeating dream from an unknown source. Throughout the novel Reese tries to figure out how to change his church problems while examining the values of the American church.

With time ticking away, Reese has questions, doubt in himself and God, and struggles towards the question of what does an effective ministry look like and what his role may be in it. As Reese lets his ideas of a successful church model go, he begins to engage in supernatural ministry in the most unusual and unlikely of places in Seattle.

You can pick up a copy in paperback or ebook formats at, Barnes and Noble, or Books a Million. You can also preview some excerpts from the novel on Google Books, too. If you would like to get in contact with me, please message me on one of my social media sites or leave a comment below.

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Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 2: Iziah Dawn “Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn” Review

iziah dawn

Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community”

Blog Article 2: Iziah Dawn “Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn” Review

In 2nd Kings Chapter 22, the author details the life of Josiah: a young king anointed with the authority of God to help turn back the nation of Israel to God. Like Josiah, Iziah Dawn has been granted this same anointing through the Christian hip-hop music he writes to lead a broken generation back to Christ. I was privileged and experienced a paradigm shift caused by the skill this young rapper possesses by driving spiritually deep rooted lyrics into the hearts of his listeners by watching his music video “Far Away Remix”.

Dawn’s music video, “Far Away Remix” addresses the philosophical battle within humanity about God’s ability to understand our pain and to know that we even exist in times of such chaos. Every time I watched his music video, I felt as though I was transported to a past decade of music when music television played gifted artists’ music with messages about hope, change, love, and redemption. Having just graduated high school, Dawn’s music echoes the professionalism of artists whom have been mainstream for five to ten years.

Like his song entitled “Two Words on My Mind”, the two words on his mind are always Jesus Christ involving glorifying His name and spreading the Gospel message through rap. Dawn’s commitment to walking his calling in Christ is demonstrated by his FREE distribution of his album “Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn” which consists of seven songs entitled “Welcome to the Family”, “Far Away”, “Two Words on My Mind”, “Home”, “Inheritance”, “I’m Good”, and “Like Father Like Son” on his official website. Share this music with as many people as you know! Follow Iziah Dawn on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and ReverbNation. Support him through prayer and scheduling him for shows to outreach to the youth. Prepare for the revival this man of God wields that is societally transforming like the patriarchs of the past!

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Dawn, Iziah. Portrait. 2012.
Iziah Dawn, Like Father Like Son: A New Dawn, with Advocate, Brian Herrick, and Jenny Norlin, Elliott Bay Recording, 2012, MP3.


Creative Christian Moments – Blog Article 1: Barnabas “Spring Cleaning – EP” Review


Creative Christian Moments

“Reviews of up and coming Christians in the arts community”

Blog Article 1: Barnabas “Spring Cleaning – EP” Review

There is a renaissance occurring within the Christian community led by emerging generals of the faith armed with fiery revivalist lyrics, lifestyles of Puritan piety, and compassion to call the lost to the cross of Jesus Christ: the Christian hip-hop community in the Pacific Northwest.

On May 17th, 2013, Daniel Lefotu also known as Barnabas joined the ranks of this renaissance with the release of his EP entitled “Spring Cleaning.” His twenty-four minute album preaches Christ’s absolution through seven distinctly different songs echoing humanities’ fallen condition and the grace given through the Gospel message. Barnabas means “son of encouragement” and Lefotu emulates this meaning by calling purpose to a forgotten generation lost in a wild wilderness of broken homes and lost innocence.

His album consists of seven stylish song entitled: Spring Cleaning, Ambition, New Day, Wildfire, Let there be Light, Where’s All the Men, and Under Construction. “Spring Cleaning” speaks of the personal self-examination of repentance Christians are called to daily in Luke 14:21, Romans 12:1-2, and Galatians 5:24. “Ambition” animates the listener to personally continue following the Christian faith through the usage of serious gansta beats. “New Day” declares his personal love for Christ. “Wildfire” and “Let there be Light” speak about the authority of Christ as illustrated in Matthew 28:18. “Where’s All the Men” calls wayward men back to positions of responsibility and leadership that are lacking in families, communities, and in the very leaders of our nation. “Under Construction” ends this impressive album with a call to face your problems and run the race of marked out for you by Christ spoken about in Hebrews 12:1-3. Many of the songs feature collaboration from other local artists such as Matt Roberts, Esoptron, Josh Donnell, Genuine Life, and his wife Amy T.

Lefotu is an Associate Pastor at Calvary Church in Edmonds, WA, where he works with outreach to the youth. I was granted the honorable opportunity of working with Lefotu from 2007-2008 in a local Campus Crusade for Christ club at Everett Community College. He is a man held to the lines of conviction outlined in the Bible and desires nothing more than to see this broken generation restored to Christ. His professionalism in executing both music and video projects will encourage other underground artists to pursue the calling of music. Pick up a copy of the album, watch some music videos, and support him in your prayers!

You can support Barnabas by purchasing “Spring Cleaning – EP” on and iTunes. You can follow Barnabas on Facebook, Sound Cloud, and YouTube, too.

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Barnabas. Portrait. 2013.
Barnabas, Spring Cleaning – EP, with Amy T., Matt Roberts, Esoptron, Josh Donnell, and Genuine Life, Lefotu Productions, 2013, MP3.